Dr. Max Paoli who directs the world science policy was in Üsküdar

UNESCO and the World Science Formal Coordinator, one of the ten most important names in the world's science policies. Max Paoli met with academics and students at Üsküdar University. Paoli gave an important sharing on the importance of science for sustainable development.

Participants were very interested in The Role of Science in Sustainable Development Conference held at the Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall in Üsküdar University's Main Campus.

In conference where students and academicians showed great interest, Dr. Max Paoli evaluated how sustainable development can advance to science.

As Paoli stated that they are particularly supportive for education in developing countries, he emphasized the need to determine the scientific values of policies particularly to leave a better, livable world for future generations.

Prof. Muhsin Konuk, the Vice President of Üsküdar University presented Dr. Max Paoli a thank you plaque for his participation at the end of his speech.    

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)