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Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine officially established

19.03.2018 13:50
Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine officially established

The Faculty of Medicine founded officially at Üsküdar University, the first thematic university of our country in Behavioral Sciences and Health. The number of faculties in Üsküdar University has increased to 5 on 14 March Medical Holiday.

Turkey's first thematic Behavioral Sciences and Health University, Üsküdar University will begin to provide medical education. The Faculty of Medicine is founded in connection with the Rectorate of Üsküdar University.

"Decision on the Establishment and Closure of the Faculty Depending on Some Higher Education Institutions" is published in the Official Gazette on the Medical Feast celebrations of March 14th.

On March 3, 2011, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan founded Üsküdar University under the leadership of İDER (Humanitarian Values) Foundation. Üsküdar University provides education to more than 16 thousand students in four faculties, a vocational college and five institutes with multidisciplinary expertise in communication, health sciences, engineering and natural sciences, human and social sciences.

The number of faculties of Üsküdar University is increased to 5 with the foundation of Faculty of Medicine.

There are Communication, Health Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Health Services Vocational School, the Institute of Social Sciences, Science, Health Sciences, Forensic Sciences and Sufi Studies Institutes and Faculties.
Üsküdar University provides students an academic education as well as research opportunities in the laboratories.

Students can benefit from internship and practice at NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital and NP Etiler and NP Feneryolu Medical Centers, which are application partners.

Üsküdar University has exchange programs with different universities from many countries.

Üsküdar University, which holds the most ERASMUS agreements in Turkey in field of Psychology and has ERASMUS agreements with many universities and departments in Europe.

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