Sufi and Bach music collaboration in Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University hosted a musical collaboration of Sufi & Back in order to strengthen the relationship of two cultures and celebrate the 20th year of “Cologne – Istanbul Sister City Formation”. The concert that brought together Sufi and Classical music drew a lot of attention. 

A concert was performed in partnership between Üsküdar University Europe and Sister City Association to celebrate the 20th year of “Cologne – Istanbul Sister City Formation”. Various activities are being organized to strengthen the ties between two cities as “sister city protocol” was signed between Cologne and Istanbul in March 1997 to accomplish this task.
Üsküdar University which also facilitates in Cologne, hosted a musical event of Sufi & Bach” to empower the cultural relations in collaboration with Sister City Association. The Sufi & Bach concert took place in Üsküdar University, Nermin Tarhan Conference Hall, Altunizade.

Üsküdar University’s Vice Rector Prof. Sevil Atasoy gave the opening speech of the event and Michael Alexander Willens, the maestro of Cologne Academy performed a spectacular concert that drew great attention.
Prof. Sevil Atasoy stated in her speech that the Üsküdar University is proud to have launched the first representation office in Cologne, Germany in 2016 and that Üsküdar University is prideful to have joined the educational and social responsibility fields in Turkey and in the World. Atasoy also mentioned that due to Üsküdar University Europe in Cologne, the youngsters who don’t have the opportunity to attend the universities in Europe, are able to start their educational journeys in Üsküdar University, Turkey.

Atasoy: “This concert will take the fellowship with Germany a step further” 

Prof. Sevil Atasoy made the remark that Üsküdar University is grateful to have organized and hosted this event and also added that “We as Üsküdar University are grateful to have launched the first Sufi Studies program in Turkey. We mean to advance the relationship of Turkey and Germany through this musical feast.”

We distinguish our common grounda with music!

The Manager of Goethe Institut Dr. Reimar Volker mentioned that there are many common grounds between the two countries. Volker shared that “It is very essential to remember specially in these difficult times that we obtain lots of common grounds. Music conduces us to realize these resemblances. Tonight, the two cultures come together with music.”

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)