In the top 101 among the world universities, in the top 2 in Türkiye…


Üsküdar University's success in research and education activities has once again been recognized by the international rating agency Times Higher Education (THE). Üsküdar University, which is among the top 101 universities in the world university rankings, has achieved remarkable administrative success with its efforts to establish peaceful and inclusive societies and create inclusive institutions for sustainable development. Üsküdar University, which achieved significant success with its 'Impact Ranking' score, ranked 2nd in Türkiye in the '16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions' category.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The "Sustainable Development Goals", which is a universal call to action aimed to be reached by the United Nations member states by the end of 2030, invites the whole world to cooperate for the solution of social, economic, cultural and ecological issues consisting of 17 main topics such as ending hunger and poverty all over the world, combating climate change, ensuring gender equality, quality education, responsible production and consumption.

It entered into force in January 2016 under the umbrella of the United Nations and aims to make meaningful progress on seventeen goals set by 2030. The UN has established the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to achieve these seventeen goals by supporting governments in integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into their national development plans and policies. UNDP, which operates as the development agency of the United Nations, carries out its activities in more than 170 countries and regions. (Click here for the goals)

The Sustainable Development Goals, which consist of 17 interconnected goals and present the necessary steps for all people to live in peace and prosperity in the form of sub-goals, act in a spirit of partnership and pragmatism on a global scale to improve life for future generations sustainably. Times Higher Education, which ranks the world universities with its activities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, aims to encourage universities to contribute to humanity, a better and sustainable life with the Times Impact Ranking, which is the first ranking in this field.

Üsküdar ranks 29th among universities in Türkiye…

Üsküdar University was entitled to receive all the labels with the labels "5-Gender Equality", "10-Reduced Inequalities", "13-Climate Action", "16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" and "17-Partnerships for The Goals" applied for in 2022 from the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in 17 categories, and being awarded the "Overall Ranking” category, and Üsküdar University ranked 29th among universities in Türkiye.

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It is in the top 101 among the world universities and in the top 2 in Türkiye...

Üsküdar University, which ranks 2nd in Türkiye in the category of "16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" and among the top 101 universities in the world ranking, measures evidence-based works to establish peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, to ensure access to justice for all, and to create effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
In this context, Üsküdar University aims to reach the 2nd place in Türkiye within the scope of this label. In the world, it has succeeded in becoming the university that successfully performs in the 101st place. Click here to access the methodology of the entire evidence-oriented process conducted by Times Higher Education (THE).

Our university is within the scope of this label, respectively;

- Bibliometric database Elsevier accepting high-profile publications - Our research focused on "Peace and Justice" within the framework of Scopus,
- Local, regional, national and international stakeholder participation in university management processes and our university's management strategies based on universal law and scientific values and related application examples,

- Adopting criticizability, libertarianism, pluralism and participation, which do not discriminate in religion, language, race, nationality, gender, color, thought differences as declared in its fundamental values, which are included as 4 pillars in its logo, which protect the basic values of society, prioritize social benefit and are sensitive to social problems, scientific and critical thinking are at the forefront, ethical values are in the first place, its structure with the principles of equality, reliability and rationality and the regulations and directives related to this, with the management policies of the institution,

- Collaborations with public and private institutions and transparent information strategy and communication management in all processes of these collaborations,

- The academic freedom it provides to its faculty members, researchers and students, the values that ensure and continuously improve the job satisfaction of the academic and administrative staff expressed in the establishment document, objective, institution and academy priority measurement-evaluation and rewarding, incentive processes,

- Its stance against discrimination and its contribution to this fight as a policy-maker in the work carried out in public institutions nationally and in the relevant commissions of the UN internationally,

- With student clubs that support participatory and polyphonic activities, research and application centers and working groups that form the academic framework of all these activities,

- Strengthens its strong institutional structure with a focus on institutional and financial transparency, R&D priority and high student scholarship rates as included in the reports of the higher education institutions of the Foundation with the sense of attachment of students and faculty members, and it transfers this culture to the students with courses on the theme of justice, law and equality in its curriculum,

- Üsküdar University, which provides education to students and society, organizes congresses and contributes to the environmental with a reference work as Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth with the aim of producing solutions to priority world problems such as climate change, water, migration and refugees for lawmakers and policy makers, has been entitled to receive the label of peace, justice and strong institutions in our country and in the world with its evidence-oriented studies that it has shown its sensitivity to implementation since its establishment in 2011.

Üsküdar University was entitled to receive all the labels with the labels "5-Gender Equality", "10-Reduced Inequalities", "13-Climate Action", "16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" and "17-Partnerships for the Goals" applied for in 2022 from the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in 17 categories and awarded the "Overall Ranking" category, ranked 29th among universities in Türkiye.


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