Within the scope of the "Sociology of Everyday Life" event, the documentary film titled 'Sicko’ was analyzed

'Sociology of Everyday Life' event was organized with the contribution of Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology and Sociology Club. While the academicians of the Department of Sociology participated in the event held at Üsküdar University South Campus Socrates Hall, the event was followed with great interest by the students.

At the event titled "Sociology of Everyday Life", the documentary film "Sicko" directed by Michael Moore was watched with interest. Üsküdar University Sociology Department Head Prof. Barış Erdoğan, who made the opening speech of the event, introduced the documentary and underlined that social relations are very effective as well as psychological, economic and political aspects in health and disease.

"The right of health that covers human values should be ensured"

Prof. Barış Erdoğan, who made statements on the documentary 'Sicko', touched upon the importance of the right to health. Erdogan said that "There are also striking examples in the documentary that compares the neoliberal health system in the United States with the social health system in various European countries and the communitarian health system in Cuba. Within this framework, an egalitarian, fair and inclusive right to health for human values should be ensured in the social context.".

"It is enough to live in a system that values and prioritizes people"

Emphasizing that health is an important area within the subject pointed out by the documentary, Prof. Barış Erdoğan said that: "You do not necessarily need to live in an economically rich country to be happy and healthy. It is enough to live in a system that values and prioritizes people.".

At the end of the event, Prof. Erdoğan thanked the participants and said that they were eagerly waiting for the suggestions from the students in the selection of the next documentaries and films.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)