The Committee from KyrgyzUzbek International University visited Üsküdar University

Academic committee from KyrgyzUzbek International University paid a visit and had some interviews at Üsküdar University within the scope of cooperation meetings. The meeting was attended by Rector of KyrgyzUzbek International University Prof. Çatkalbay Rayımbaev, Vice Rector of International Relations, Investments and Innovation Aida Baltabaeva and Vice Rector in the Field of State Language Syrgak Sarykov, and it was held under the leadership of Üsküdar University Advisor to the Rector Prof. Mehmet Zelka, Prof. Sırrı Akbaba and Prof. İsmail Barış.

Steps were taken to improve the good fellowship between the two universities

During the meeting held in the Senate meeting hall, participants discussed what needs to be done to improve friendly relations between the two countries under the leadership of KyrgyzUzbek International University and Üsküdar University.

Moreover, it was decided to evaluate the potential collaborations that could be established between the two institutions.

The meeting, which was led by Üsküdar University Advisor to the Rector Prof. Mehmet Zelka, was attended by Head of International Relations Department Peyman Jafari and International Records and Communication Manager Dilbar Aliyeva.

The committee from KyrgyzUzbek International University then paid a visit to President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan in his office.

The committee that paid a visit to the university also visited NPİSTANBUL Hospital.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)