Asst. Prof. Fatma Turan: "We are pioneering the field of Positive Psychology with the Journal of Happiness and Well-being"

Üsküdar University, which has been carrying out important studies in the field of Positive Psychology since its establishment, makes an important contribution to the literature in the scientific field with the Journal of 'Happiness and Well-being' (JHWB). Üsküdar University Psychology Department, Positive Psychology Coordinator Asst. Prof. Fatma Turan made statements to Üsküdar University Media Relations Specialist Ayşe Nur Akçelik about the 'Journal of Happiness and Well-being' in which she undertook the duty of Deputy Editor. Stating that the Journal of 'Happiness and Well-being' is a pioneer and even a brand in its field, Turan stated that the contribution of Üsküdar University to the field of Positive Psychology is tremendous and important. Turan said, "There is no journal about Positive Psychology under the title of Happiness and Well-being that has the exact title of 'positive psychology'. We are also leading the way in this sense with our journal, we believe that it is a brand.".

"The treatment process for pathological mental disorders should be initiated"

Stating that many mental disorders have occurred after the pandemic, Turan said, "The pandemic period has been a very challenging process for all of us. In this period, we have encountered many mental disorders, many diseases have been triggered and accordingly our lives have changed. Especially during the pandemic period, we have seen an increase in anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. There must be a treatment process related to the pathological dimension of these, we attach great importance to this place. In cases where the person cannot cope, it is valuable to work with a specialist and complete their own treatment process. Apart from this, we attach importance to focusing on more positive points in situations that have not passed to a more pathological dimension but affect our lives, especially these anxiety disorders, as expressed in the "Journal of Happiness and Well-being" that we have published as Üsküdar University. Focusing on the positive aspects does not mean looking at everything positively or seeing everything positively. Yes, we are aware of the negativities in life, however, we want to make our choices in a more positive way. What are the powers we have, what are the talents that we have been bestowed on us in our lives? If we exhibit behaviors towards discovering these, we will have made positive contributions in this sense.".

Turan: "Our country really needed a psychology-based well-being journal!"

Stating that they wanted to publish a journal due to the mental disorders that occurred after the pandemic, Turan said that they are making plans for the ' Journal of Happiness and Well-being' and that there may be some surprise developments in the very near future. Turan said, "We decided that a psychology-based well-being journal was really a need in our country. We wanted to produce science for the sake of people's 'well-being' and to deliver this science to the public, society and people. 'The Journal of Happiness and Well-being' continues under the editorship of Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, my deputy editorship and responsible editorship. Our journal was a journal that entered its publication life in 2013, and it was already a journal that was created by him for many years, with the contributions of a very valuable professor. It is a journal created by our professor Tayfun Doğan. Prof. Tayfun Doğan publishes 12 issues for 6 years from 2013 to 2018, and there is a great archive with very important articles that have been worked on a lot. From 2018 to 2022, there are no more publishing and broadcasts. As of 2022, it has been added to the list of Üsküdar University periodicals. It is a valuable work with Prof. Tarhan’s foresight and broad vision. Then, we published our first issue in September 2022. We will have our 14th issue as of March. Apart from that, of course, there are some surprises about our journal, I cannot say much right now. We continue to prepare intensively to continue the publication life in a better-quality way, to reach more academicians and more people in a scientific sense. Our efforts are to improve the quality of our journal continue.".

"We are pioneering the field of Positive Psychology with the Journal of Happiness and Well-being"

Stating that ' The Journal of Happiness and Well-being' is a pioneer and even a brand in its field, Turan also drew attention to the importance Üsküdar University attaches to the field of Positive Psychology. Turan said, "There is no journal about Positive Psychology under the title of Happiness and Well-being that has the exact title of 'positive psychology'. We are also leading the way in this sense with our journal and we believe that it is a brand. This is not actually just our belief but it is an evidence-based situation shown in scientific data. Since there are studies that have been worked on for many years, since 2013, we have been giving our students the 'Positive Psychology' course as a rectorate course at our university. We not only give lectures, but also organize congresses, we have a positive psychology study group of academics, we have articles and books produced here. The Science of Happiness is one of them. It has been studied for many years as a textbook. After going through many stages, it was printed. It is a brilliant book that will be taught as an auxiliary textbook in high schools and that we have received very positive responses from important academic circles. Therefore, this journal is one of our important outputs and works in the way of the month.".

"We have created a very wide range for the topics of our journal"

Turan also made evaluations on the aims of the Journal of Happiness and Well-Being and pointed out that they work in a wide range of positive psychology. Turan stated that “‘the Journal of Happiness and Well-being Journal' will continue to crown its studies in different lanes in the next stage, and this is one of our biggest wishes. Of course, when we look at many subjects, we do not only have articles about happiness but also, we have many articles covering many other topics. For example, we are a journal that publishes qualitative and quantitative research in the field of positive psychology. That's our main goal. If we talk about the issues, 'the search for happiness, the benefits of happiness, happiness and well-being, the determinants of happiness, psychological resilience, which is a very important point, forgiveness, the psychology of emotions, emotional intelligence, empathy and altruism, love... From the patterns we love, sexual well-being, marriage and romantic relationships, awareness, especially the meaning and purpose of life, the strong characteristics of the human being, the discovery of his strengths, the discovery of talents, character powers, environmental resources here, human relations and social support, commitment to work, business life, positive psychology in business life are what we all need very much... Being able to appreciate each other when necessary, optimism and hope... One of our very important concepts is self-esteem and self-compassion, self-efficacy, body positivity, body image, reflection of our emotions on our body, psychological needs and motivation, humility, compassion, psychological well-being, emotional intelligence, gratitude, being able to thank. Since we are human, we have a biological structure, a psychological and a social structure. We cannot be happy without someone. We cannot be happy without building relationships.".

"Many surprises await our readers in the following period"

Turan, who also shared in the context of the journal's activities abroad and its recognition in academic circles, touched on the importance of the Positive Psychology Congresses organized by Üsküdar University. Turan said, "Our journal also has a scientific background. We have also held meetings with many referees from abroad and we have received positive feedback from these referees. We are in contact with them now. We contribute to the delivery of our articles abroad through referees abroad. Since we are in a position to publish in both English and Turkish languages, our journal is bilingual. We have organized the 4th and 5th editions. With the Positive Psychology Congresses, we had the opportunity to reach many important academicians from abroad. I cannot talk much about it but as I say, I have many surprises, and in every sense, we try to advance with newer, more current issues every year. As Üsküdar University, we will take part in the important congresses abroad that will take place in the future with our professor as Positive Psychology. Many surprises await our readers in the following period.".

Interview: Ayşe Nur Akçelik İlgeç

Photograph: Kaan Güzeltepe

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)