Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization topics are discussed in Occupational Health and Safety...

The "Problems Experienced in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety in Türkiye and Solutions" symposium organized for the 6th time this year was hosted by Üsküdar University in cooperation with MESKA Foundation (Occupational Diseases-Accidents Research and Prevention), TRIOMOBIL and ÜSGÜMER (Üsküdar University Occupational Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Health Application and Research Center). The issue of 'Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization Applications in Occupational Health and Safety' was discussed regarding the problems experienced in the field and their solutions with the participation of important names in their field. Giving his speech in the program where the recent Bartın mining explosion was also on the agenda, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that our success in solving the crisis should also be demonstrated in preventing the crisis, and Tarhan emphasized the necessity of implementing the digital system established in healthcare in mining as well.

The necessity of a digital system in mining was emphasized…

Üsküdar University hosted the "Problems Experienced in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety in Türkiye and Solutions" symposium held in cooperation with MESKA Foundation, TRIOMOBIL and ÜSGÜMER.

Those who made opening remarks in the symposium are as follows: President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin, Head of Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Asst. Prof. Rüştü Uçan, ÇSGB Occupational Health and Safety Deputy General Manager Levent Kenan Kibar and TRIO Mobil CEO Nevzat Ataklı.

Asst. Prof. Rüştü Uçan: “Tremendous losses occurring due to occupational accidents must be prevented”

Üsküdar University Health Sciences Faculty Occupational Health and Safety Department Head Asst. Prof. Rüştü Uçan made the first opening speech in the symposium. Uçan said: “There is a very significant lack of information and inadequacies in the field of occupational health and safety in our country, and as a result of these, problems are faced due to lack of precautions. As MESKA Foundation, TRIO Mobil and Üsküdar University, this symposium aims to contribute to the understanding of the hazards in the field of occupational health and safety and the problems in our country, and to the elimination of our deficiencies by providing solutions. The life and health of our employees must be protected. Tremendous losses occurring to the economy of our developing country due to work accidents must be prevented. All sectors, especially our universities and education system, have important duties in this regard. A healthier Occupational Health and Safety environment can be created through studies on digitalization and artificial intelligence. We brought together companies and academicians working on this subject in this symposium for this purpose. The participation of our Deputy General Manager from the Ministry of Labor and our fellow working on Artificial Intelligence and supporting us gave us strength. I believe that working together can achieve greater success in a shorter time.”.

Nevzat Ataklı: “Our aim is to provide people with a safer working environment than their homes.”

Nevzat Ataklı, who is CEO of TRIO Mobil had the floor and said that the average of 5,500 people lost their lives due to work accidents and occupational diseases around the world according to the work statistics of 2021 and the statement of the Social Security Institution. Ataklı said: “The death of approximately 4 people per minute as a result of these accidents can actually be reduced, and this will be possible by working with artificial intelligence. Our goal is to provide people with a safer working environment than their homes. Prevention of occupational accidents is possible with the right technologies and we hope that everyone can return to their families safely from work.”.

Levent Kenan Kibar: “The issue of occupational health and safety is a situation that concerns everyone in the society”

ÇSGB (Ministry of Labor and Social Security) Occupational Health and Safety Deputy General Manager Levent Kenan Kibar made his remarks on the fact that occupational accidents are a problem of global life. Kibar said; “The issue of occupational health and safety is not only a situation that concerns workplaces and employees but also it is a situation that concerns everyone in the society. Studies and works are carried out in the field of international occupational health and safety. Occupational safety laws, which are not available in many countries, have been legislated with the support of our President with aim to protect employees and healthcare professionals in our country. Works regarding this matter continues to be carried out in all areas of society. Studies are carried out with universities and the Ministry of National Education in order to improve the culture of occupational health and safety. Studies on curricula in primary, secondary and high schools also continue to be carried out. Meetings are also held with other ministries, including the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. Occupational health and safety departments of universities also have a great responsibility in the working life of their students.”.

Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin: “Preventable human losses and preventable diseases hurt us the most as healthcare professionals.”

Then, Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Dean Prof. Arif Aktuğ Ertekin made his speech and highlighted that occupational health and safety enters our lives from a very young age. Ertekin; “Occupational health and safety actually takes a great amount of time in our lives. Most of us start going to kindergarten at the age of three or six. Actually, occupational health and safety begins to enter our lives starting there. When it is considered that human life is extended to the 70s and 80s today, occupational health and safety provides an important activity in our lives for almost 70 years. As healthcare professionals, the issues that hurt us the most are preventable human losses and preventable diseases. If only we could eliminate all preventable accidents and diseases… Artificial intelligence is also used extensively in the health sector, and I believe that it will have great contributions in the occupational health sector, as well. Our government provides the necessary support and it is extremely important that it contributes to the society, countries and humanity in the academic community.”.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “We must show our success in solving the crisis as well as in preventing the crisis.”

President of Üsküdar University and Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan indicated that the word crisis in psychology has two meanings: threat and opportunity. Then, he continued:

“Criticism is very important. We should make a self-criticism in the recent mining explosion experienced in Bartın. We need to move forward with science, not with this cruelty as a requirement of our culture. For instance, we created an excellent health system. Our Vice Minister of Health launched the E-Nabız (E- Pulse) application in 2005. It is now possible to track which medication is given by which pharmacy to where in this system established. The SSI (Social Security Institution) is following all, and despite the increasing demand from the public, the health system has accelerated thanks to digitalization. We should have applied this digitalization in the mining area when the Soma events happened, however, we did not do it then. Therefore, our ministry should definitely make a self-criticism on this issue. In psychology, the word crisis has two meanings. The word crisis has the meaning of threat or danger and opportunity. In the recent Bartın incident, authorities and state administrators are solving this crisis in the best way possible. They help and protect all families. In other words, we are very successful in solving the crisis, however, we must show the same success in preventing the crisis. A digital system should be installed in coal mines that monitors which pressure changes in the gas and where and how the methane gas is accumulated, like a clockwork. If this system is installed and works, the occupational health and safety specialist cannot make a mistake when there is a problem. It also minimizes human errors with the digital tracking system.”

Tarhan: “There cannot be a remote OHS training!”

Tarhan also indicated that associate degree and undergraduate programs in Occupational Health and Safety field cannot be given through distance education in universities, and there cannot be an OHS education without practice in his speech.

After the opening speeches at the symposium where plaques were also presented, the symposium was held simultaneously in different halls in sessions under the chairmanship of TRIO Mobile Strategic Customers Group Manager Özlem Çaltı, TRIO Mobile Customers Group Manager Neslihan Ataklı, Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Haydar Sur, Head of Medeniyet University Physics Engineering Department Prof. Emine Can,  Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) OHS Manager Asst. Prof. Özkan Kaan Karadağ and Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Deputy Dean Asst. Prof. Nuri Bingöl. Many academicians, who are experts in their field, participated in the symposium, which was organized as sessions and they shared the ongoing studies in the field of occupational health and safety.

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