Support for Sustainable World Project from Uskudar University

Uskudar University Young Brains Academy Application and Research Center (GBA) Chairman of the Board of Directors. Nebiye Yasar and Faculty of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine Association Asst. Prof. Ayhan OZSAHIN, supported by TUBITAK "Sustainable World's Ambassadors" project on secondary school students "Suitable Business for Human and Economic Improvment".

5th and 6th grade students from the Science and Arts Centers in Istanbul were guests of the event organized within the scope of the "Ambassadors of the Sustainable World" project supported by TUBITAK within the scope of the 4004-Nature Education and Science Schools call and undertaken by Uskudar Ahmet Yuksel Ozemre Science and Arts Center.

In the project attended by Dr. Nebiye Yasar and Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin from Uskudar University with the "Wonder, Learn, Apply" event, students from the Faculty of Medicine mentored secondary school students. Within the scope of the project, students who designed T-shirts in accordance with the theme of " Humanely Business and Economic Development" from the UN Sustainable Improvment Goals learned while having fun.

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the project hosted 15 different events over five days. In the event attended by uskudar University faculty members and Faculty of Medicine students, the continuation of the live life of the secondary school students was explained with projects and activities.

As Ambassadors of the Sustainable World, the importance of continuity of natural resources was emphasized in the project, activities were carried out to raise awareness about basic life and decision-making skills in fields ranging from fashion to music, sports to urbanization.


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)