Prof. Dr. Tarhan: “Even the micro-gestures of physicians are important”

Founding Rector of Uskudar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan made striking statements about "Patient Psychology" in his Instagram live stream. In the program moderated by Necmettin Erbakan University Department of Internal Medicine Specialist Associate Professor Adem Kucuk, Tarhan addressed the effects of chronic diseases on patient psychology; “As physicians, we should even pay attention to our micro-gestures when communicating with patient relatives, especially in severe patients. In children with chronic diseases, especially parents can draw conclusions from the physician's facial expression, body language, tone of voice, and below-threshold accents. For this reason, we must inform the patients honestly in an open, transparent manner.”

“Chronic diseases can take many years to be accepted”

Tarhan, who drew attention to the importance of the patient's reaction after learning about his chronic condition for the first time in the program carried out via the Rheumatology Clinic Instagram post, stated that not accepting the disease is a serious problem. Tarhan said; "Some disease groups are chronic. Patients are rightly struggling to accept a chronic disease at first. Generally, patients who have reached their age; 'I've never had a disease up to this age,' while young patients complain, 'I'm too young, why did such a disease happen to me?' However, there are no age restrictions on chronic diseases. The functionality and function of our body may deteriorate at an advanced age and at a young age. In medical diseases, it is a serious problem that people do not accept the disease. When you find out about the disease, patients first experience trauma. Usually they do not accept, protesting by rejecting the disease at first. But over time, when you see concrete evidence that it's real, there's a process that turns to depression as a second stage. The third stage is as if a negotiation with death begins and the measures related to the disease are postponed under all kinds of excuses. At the end of the most of the acceptance and the disease is a life riding. But some people can take a long time to take this process. A situation with this philosophy of life."


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)