Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan: “Pre-Prepared People Get Over the Crisis More Easily”

Crisis methods during the pandemic were discussed at the International Communication Days organized by Uskudar University Faculty of Communication for the 8th time this year under the title "Crisis Communication in the Digital Age".

Founding President of Uskudar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, stated that crisis management is usually formed by the position taken by the person against the crisis and in which direction he will react, "Life is similar to a chain. If you ask where the most powerful part of the crisis is, it is the weakest link in the crisis. In crises, there are occurring fractures from those rings. However, those who are pre-prepared are getting through the crisis more healthily, the quick reaction and those who are in the right position are more comfortable to overcome the crisis."

Professor Dr. Paul A. Argenti from Dartmouth University in the USA gave a speech titled "Crisis Communication in the Pandemic and Digital Age" at the symposium attended by academicians from various universities worldwide.

The main title of the 8th International Communication Days organized by Uskudar University Faculty of Communication with a different theme every year was determined as “Crisis Communication in the Digital Age”. The symposium, which was held online due to the pandemic, featured nationally and internationally renowned invited speakers.


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