Game for a Child is as Important as Nutrition!

The experts, stating that the game, which is a very serious occupation for the child, is also a source of entertainment and learning, draws attention to the fact that play is as important as nutrition and as breathing in a child's life.

Indicating that the child should be provided with a suitable environment and adequate materials for play, experts emphasize that the game should not be seen as an effort to distract or repel the child. Underlining that playing with the child strengthens the bonds, experts also warn that the child playing the game should not be interrupted suddenly and be informed in advance to complete the game.

Uskudar University Faculty of Health Sciences Child Development Instructor Neşe Şekerci pointed out the importance of the relationship between children and games and evaluated the effects of games on child development.


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)