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What is Child Development Department?

Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Child Development; It offers an interdisciplinary and higher education opportunity that will enable children between the ages of 0-18 to be competent in developing developmental screening, assessment, diagnosis, developmental support and intervention programs with a holistic approach, without discrimination. Graduates graduate with the title of “Child Developmentalist” and as a health graduate.

Job descriptions cover a wide area from child to family and society.

Among the duties of Child Developmentalists;

• To evaluate the development of children aged 0-18, to develop appropriate assessment tools, make developmental follow-ups, prepare, implement and follow appropriate intervention programs by setting developmental goals in line with the identified needs,

• Preparing child-focused family counseling and family-oriented development support programs and conducting these services, providing education, guidance, and counseling to families on child development, health, and upbringing,

• To carry out developmental screening, diagnosis, and developmental evaluations of disadvantaged and/or at-risk children, to prepare and implement appropriate support programs, to plan and implement counseling and support services for their families,

• Taking part as a team member in public and private institutions in the fields of child health, care, education, and protection with an interdisciplinary and supra-disciplinary approach,

• As a defender of children's rights, to play a key role in the realization of children's most basic rights of growth, development, protection, and participation, and to create “awareness” in every environment.

• To take the necessary measures to protect children from all kinds of neglect and abuse, to raise public awareness, organize training, and make necessary interventions,

• To prepare programs for children in the relevant press, broadcast, and digital communication environments, to carry out consultancy and supervision studies.

• To provide consultancy and training to other relevant professionals in the field of Child Development,

• To follow the scientific and practical developments at the national and international level, to carry out projects, field applications, and scientific studies in the field of Child Development, and to take an active role in non-governmental organizations working in this field.

What are the Courses Taken in the Child Development Department?

The education program of the Child Development Department has been prepared in accordance with the criteria of the "Child Development National Core Education Program" approved by the Higher Education Council (YÖK), which draws the framework of the child development undergraduate education programs implemented in our country on a national scale. During undergraduate education, vocational courses such as basic anatomy, basic physiology, developmental psychology, brain development, child and nutrition, early intervention, child-oriented family counseling, developmental diagnosis, and evaluation are given theoretically and practically.

In addition, students in the 3rd and 4th grades have field applications. These practices are carried out in public and private hospitals, pre-school education institutions, guidance research centers, private education institutions, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and other official institutions and organizations affiliated with the relevant ministries.

Medical Centers and Hospital Practice Training Offered

For the graduates of the Child Development Department, the students are offered the opportunity to practice with the solution partners they are in contact with outside the institution, in the health application and research centers located in Ümraniye, Feneryolu, and Etiler within the body of Üsküdar University Neuropsychiatry Application and Research Center (NPSUAM).

What are the Working Areas of the Child Development Department?

Public and private hospitals providing secondary and tertiary health services under the Ministry of Health, other similar health institutions, Family Health Centers (FHC), institutions in the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, Anatolian Vocational and Girls Vocational High Schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, primary education There are employment opportunities as “Child Developers” in many fields, including the private sector, such as schools, kindergartens, kindergartens, preschool education institutions such as nursery schools, special education institutions, and rehabilitation centers, children's clubs.

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