Institute of Health Sciences Programs Explained

Continuing their education with the motto “A Higher future awaits you with Üsküdar” Üsküdar University closed its graduate introductions with the Institute of Health Sciences. In the last of the meetings where the candidates' questions were answered about a wide range of Master's and Ph. D. programs in different fields, the Institute of Health Sciences Education programs were discussed in all aspects.

The moderator of the program, in which the academic staff of Üsküdar University Institute of Health Sciences participated, was taken over by the Director of Educational Institutions and Guidance Services Exp. Psych. Cons. Ece Tözeniş.

 In the program held on Zoom Webinar, Üsküdar University Institute Director Aslı Işık shared important information also.

Assoc. Dr. Türker Tekin Ergüzel: "Attendance will be mandatory in online education too"

Director of the Institute of Health Sciences Assoc. Dr. Türker Tekin Ergüzel answered questions about the Institute of Health Sciences. Ergüzel told; “Science exams are written exams. We will organize exams on campus. We organize the class system by planning the students who will take the exam in accordance with the social distance. Candidate students who will take the science exams can learn the required dates from our institute’s website. The attendance requirement will be determined according to the amount of the course of our students who have completed the registration process. In the upcoming period, attendance will be mandatory in online education and the attendance of the students will be definitely followed through the system.”

Prof. Dr. Selma Doğan: “There may be different transitions in the field of nursing”

Head of Nursing of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Selma Doğan shared information about postgraduate education in the field of Nursing and said; “No recruitment to our master's program from outside in the field of nursing. However, if there are different transitions among the specialization areas of nursing, postgraduate education can be done by reinforcing with scientific preparation and basic courses. Students who transfer to different fields in doctorate should definitely make scientific preparation.”

Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer: "Child Development has an interdisciplinary field"

Sharing information about Child Development Postgraduate education, Head of Child Development Department Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer, outed: “We have outsourcing, but we have core lessons that we consider as important. Students can complete their master's degree if they pass these basic courses. Since child development is an interdisciplinary field, we can take students as long as they get certain grades from psychology, pre-school education and social work. Our science exam is valid for all candidate students inside and outside the field.”

Assoc. Dr. İsmail Barış: "Basically we have two lessons"

Faculty of Health Sciences Social Service Department Head Assoc. Dr. İsmail Barış said the following about the postgraduate education in the social work department: “The department of social work can take students out of the field, but basically, two courses must be taken during the undergraduate. If students do not neglect these basic courses, which they can take simultaneously, they can finish. However, most of our students can neglect and fail the course.”

Dr. Lect. Member Deniz Acuner: “Students graduating from Health Sciences undergraduate do not need additional scientific preparation”

Department of Health Management Dr. Lect. Member Deniz Acuner underlined that students who receive their undergraduate education from Health Sciences are more comfortable in scientific preparation; “We can include not only health management graduates, but also all students who are graduates of any undergraduate degree from health sciences. There is no need for additional scientific preparation for these students, but if they will apply directly to the doctorate program and do not have a master's degree in health management, they need to take scientific preparation courses.”

Dr. Lect. Member Rüştü Uçan “We Include Necessary Trainings in All Courses”

Head of Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Lect. Member Rüştü Uçan stated that the job security program is open to all areas; “Our door is open to all candidates with a four-year undergraduate degree. Occupational safety program has a program that is very open to different fields. No need to take additional courses in the program with or without thesis. We add the necessary training to all lessons.”

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Konrot; “Prospective students should start preparing themselves for the science exam”

Head of Speech and Language Therapy Department Prof. Dr. Ahmet Konrot answered also the questions of the students in the program. So Konrot; “We will have two exams: In August and September. My advice to prospective students who meet the application requirements is to prepare themselves for the exam now. We are in a period where we are accelerating in remote access. Speech and language therapy was a daytime education program. However, we are currently in an arrangement. We are making arrangements to ensure that our students are at school for at least one full day. Apart from that, we will continue our activities as online lessons in the evenings.”

What conditions are necessary for graduate education in the field of Health Sciences?

Institute director Aslı Işık explained and added the graduate requirements of the Institute of Health Sciences like; “Graduate prospective students must first apply online for the registration process. Our students are required to take the science exams of the departments they apply to. Students who gain the right to register after the science exam must apply with their final registration documents. These include the ALES exam results, transcript, graduation certificate, photocopy, and photographs for students with thesis. We do not look for ALES scores from students without a thesis, but they must have all other requirements with them during final registration. Students who want to participate in English programs must have a foreign language score.”

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