Public Announcement


We have been witnessing the recent civilian casualties in Israel and Palestine with sorrow and concern by virtue of human dignity. We hope that Israel and Palestine will be able to build a bilateral peace as legitimate states and in accordance with UN resolutions.

Furthermore, there is no excuse for the isolation of Gaza, which has been under a severe blockade since 2007 and where 2.2 million people live, from the world, and it leads to a cycle of violence in our region. Especially, the people of Gaza are deprived of the most basic humanitarian conditions, including electricity, water, shelter, medicine and food. It is a war crime that thousands of Palestinians have been killed and tens of thousands injured due to the attacks on houses, mosques, churches, hospitals and ambulances for years and now. For the sake of the future of our world, we hope that there will be an immediate ceasefire and that there will be days of peaceful coexistence in Israel and Palestine.

Kind regards

Üsküdar University Presidency