Üsküdar University hosted Science Olympics Summer Camp

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.41070

Üsküdar University hosted students of Science Olympics Summer Camp at Üsküdar University Çarşı Campus classrooms. Within the scope of Science Olympics, students who continued Summer term courses at Üsküdar University, enjoyed the beautiful weather at the garden in Çarşı Campus. Teacher Murat Yoğurtçu who spoke about the projects made remarks on the development of students who were entitled to the Olympics during this process.

“The project is followed by the ministry as a national project”

Pointing out the project’s aim to create awareness on basic sciences, Murat Yoğurtçu from Science Olympics underlined that other aims of the projects are to discover gifted children. Yoğurtçu said that “We carry out a project titled ‘From Basic Ideas to Basic Ideas’. With teacher Süleyman Akarsu, we have started this in 2015. Although this project is within Science Olympics, it is a project that aims to create awareness on basic sciences. Within the project, we organize Science Olympics Education, and we provide education in the fields of mathematics, computer and physics to our province and center groups in the weekends after we choose our students through an exam. Our goal is here to discovered gifted children and to meet their academic needs that is not met in the schools before they continue with their university life. The project is followed by the ministry as a national project. In the next years, we aim to start online education throughout Türkiye. İstanbul Science Olympics are in the national level, and to bring this into international platforms are among our goals.”.

“We accept the sibling of the student who received a medal”

Informing on the participation conditions for the Science Olympics, Murat Yoğurtçu said that “We have 4 criteria while choosing students. Firstly, we use İstanbul Science Olympics and we choose students with the contests we organize. Secondly, we accept our students who passed TÜBİTAK’S first stage even though they did not enter the İstanbul Science Olympics. Another criterium is that we use the references by the teacher who work in the field of Olympics. Lastly, we accept genetic references. What does a genetic reference mean? If a student who received a medal has siblings, we accept their sibling without an exam.”.


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)