“Ambassadors for Sustainable Volunteering” Workshop was held

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.40962

Ambassadors for Sustainable Volunteering” Workshop was held in cooperation between Üsküdar University, Turkish Red Crescent, Hold My Hand Association and Ambassadors for Volunteering Silent Kindness Platform. In the program supported by Üsküdar Municipality and Üsküdar District Governorship, President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, ÖYEMER Director Halide İncekara, Prof. Nazif Gürdoğan, Üsküdar University academicians and various foundations and NGO directors attended.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: "Volunteering is not for the benefit of the people, but to serve the interests of the people."

Speaking at the program held at Üsküdar University Central Campus D Block meeting hall, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan pointed out that a goal is first determined, a plan is made and then the system is established in systematic societies. Tarhan stated that "Even if there is no one who built the system, the system now runs by itself. Here, these and similar projects contribute to the creation of a systematic society. If a person has a high sense of attachment, the desire to volunteer increases. Volunteering is not for self-interest, but to serve other people's interests.".

Pointing out that loneliness is an important danger that currently awaits the world, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan said that this danger is higher especially in developed countries. Emphasizing that the person who is lonely is also very uncomfortable, Tarhan said that "Early deaths and suicide attempts are more common in lonely people, and especially in older ages, suicide cases are more common.".

Prof. İsmail Barış: "You leave a pleasant sound in the domes where you compete for the self"

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Dead of the Department of Social Work Prof. Dr. İsmail Barış mentioned that each person is a world of own and said that "Have you ever seen people compete in any society to give, including in our community? Was there a general sense of fighting? There was not. People will come to receive, and it is in their nature. Therefore, people fight to get it. Everyone fights to get something. Some people, and you are one of those from that group, compete to give. Thus, have no doubt that those who compete to give will leave a pleasant impression in the dome. Every single person is a world. We can even go further and say that it is the universe. Just as every world has a firmament, you leave a pleasant sound in the domes where you reach out and you compete for the self.".

Halide İncekara: "Volunteers will change the fate of humanity"

Advisor to the Rector of Üsküdar University, Director of the Special Talented Children Application and Research Center (ÖYEMER) Halide İncekara, who made evaluations about the process and purpose of the book 'Volunteering', stated that "First of all, we would like to thank professor Fatma and her entire team and the members of the Hold My Hand Association. I felt in the 90s with the desire to be able to talk, refresh and sustain today. I was worried, and I picked up the pen and paper. We had experienced a habitat process, and we had increased the motivation of desire. In order for Civil Society to be more organized and more qualified, we had also made a program called 'Civil Society and Organization' with our friend Ayşe Pehlivan at that time. From those notes, this book came out. The reason I read the book is to remind you of sustainability. This book brings humanity the peace it deserves and the world it longs for, and it believes that volunteers will change the fate of humanity instead of compromising instead of fighting, sharing instead of consuming, and I see the power of volunteers where the power of everything that can be counted and measured ends.".

Prof. Ersin Nazif Gündoğan: "Volunteering is gaining importance in the new world"

Pointing out that the people who will transform the world are volunteer people, Advisor to the Rector Prof. Ersin Nazif Gündoğan said: "There is a new world now. In this new world, volunteering becomes very important. People are not necessarily happy by expecting something, but they are happy by touching people's hearts, doing a favor, doing a beauty. The people of the last century were looking at what they gain; however, today’s people are looking at what they can give. They look to be the giver. The people of the last period, the people of that sphere world, were always looking at what they could get for themselves, and they were always competing to get something. One still continues to compete all over the world. Volunteer people are people who compete to give something, people who compete in beauty, people who compete in goodness, people who compete in righteousness. You are the ones who will transform the world, and we are the ones, us volunteers..".

3-group workshop was held

After the end of the opening speeches, the program continued with the event workshop groups. In the workshop moderated by Yüksel Nuri Güneş, President of Istanbul Caucasian Culture Association, the subject of "How to ensure that the concept of 'Volunteering' can be transformed into the concept of 'Sustainable Volunteering'?" was discussed.

In the 2nd group workshop moderated by Turan Sayar, President of Amasya Federation of Associations, the subject of 'Is it more volunteers in number or volunteers who are effective and competent?' was discussed.

The moderator of the 3rd group workshop, where the subject of 'What should be the methods for motivation in volunteers?' was carried out by University of Health Sciences Department of Social Work Instructor Asst. Prof. Melike Boztilki.

The event ended after a group photo shoot.



Photography: Kaan Güzeltepe

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)