Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Artificial intelligence Technologies will eliminate the need for physician’s wisdom”


Pointing out that artificial intelligence technologies will eliminate the need for physician's wisdom, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan made remarkable predictions about the diagnosis and treatment process of diseases by computer technologies. Tarhan stated that "Artificial intelligence studies that will make the patient talk, especially in the style of emotional face, will read thoughts such as fear, sadness, cheer, joy and shame from the facial expression, and as a result of that, it will report the mood of the person. This will be used in the near future. However, it is not possible for these practices to replace a therapist or a specialist. Thus, the expert will still make the final decision, however, these developments will reduce the need for wisdom. Artificial intelligence will be able to easily provide this wisdom and experience transfer.".

"Research on how brain works has increased in recent years"

President of Üsküdar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan attended the Symposium on Technology Applications in Psychology as a speaker. Tarhan made evaluations under the title of "Psychology in the Digital Age” via online participation, and drew attention to different studies on the brain in recent years and said that the brain has recently entered the range of science. Tarhan said that "As the field of psychology that deals with pathology, psychiatry is a seriously computational field. The method by which the human brain works has been within the reach field of science in recent years. The basic working model of the work of the human brain and the principle of connectivity are explained. For example, how does the heart work, what is its normal? The heart pumps, it takes blood, it makes a certain contraction, and constantly pumps. It does this 60-70 times per minute. By measuring the basic functions of the heart, it can make attempts to treat diseases. However, how the human brain works is just beginning to be understood, and more concrete and evidence-based information has emerged for about 15 to 20 years. According to this evidence-based information, the human brain currently receives information from both inside and outside, transmits it electrically and chemically, calculates it, stores it, and uses it when needed. Our brain has a function of learning, storing and using. Just as the function of the heart is pumping, so does the brain, and that is how our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors emerge. We have an attention radar in our brain, and in our daily lives, wherever we move this attention radar, we use the information in that part of the brain. There is such a working system, the first serious scientific work on this working system began in 2005. Especially in Switzerland, they made new initiatives as a blue brain team. Here, there was a study that combined a genetic algorithm with the neural network and human behavior. There is a definition that the way brain activity works is like building a castle made out of sand and leaving it again, it is the definition of a blue brain team. These findings provide a promising new insight at how the brain functions.".

"In a digitalizing world, we are heading towards digital dictatorship"

After the meeting held in Davos, Tarhan said that it was suggested that the world was heading towards a digital dictatorship, and pointed out that digitalization and the digital age had started on top of this research. Tarhan said that "Cliques and kevins form in our brains, and some small circuits form. With these, an algebraic topology emerges in the brain. It points to the unique signature of the ignition, and it works in this way as each piece of information is scattered in the brain like a fortress made of sand in the form of a separate signature, regrouped and dispersed. We said Switzerland's brain initiative starts in 2005 with IBM at the University of Lausanne, says it as a blue gene project, and the results of this project are at work in Davos in 2018 about artificial intelligence and metaverse, suggesting that the world is heading towards a digital dictatorship. On top of this research, we have seen that the famous digitalization, the digital age has begun. In this digital age, there are supercomputers, there are models to be designed, there are simulations, and new approaches to understanding the very pointed structure and function of the brain are emerging. This project is still ongoing. Now the innovative research strategies in this project are molecular on the very pointed organs of the brain, microcircuits, regions of the brain all measure details about each of them, use the connectivity of experimental data, obtain dense maps of the brain as a method of mapping. These simulation behaviors at the base of their supercomputers make understanding the brain a traceable problem, enabling complex interaction with different levels of brain organization. Thus, a new tool has emerged to examine the cross-level connections from genes to cognition, that is, from genes to the teaching of thought.".

"Developing the muscles in the frontal lobe allows us to be human"

Stating that human characteristics emerge from the developments in the anterior frontal lobe, Tarhan underlined that the development of muscles here and features such as leadership develop. Tarhan expressed that "Humans are born psychologically premature. As soon as a duck is born, it can swim in the water, however, a human walk at the age of one and can only do the profit-loss analysis at the age of 15. Developing the muscles in the frontal lobe can make us a human, mentally healthy, ill or healthy leader. The hypothesis, which is defined as 24 values and 6 virtues, 3/1 of which is genetic, 3/2 of which is related to the environment and one's choices, has its cerebral counterparts. The left hemisphere of the brain is involved in logic, reasoning, analysis, calculation, and the right hemisphere is concerned with emotion, excitement, music and art. The left brain is the male brain and the right brain is the feminine brain. The forebrain balances the two. There is such a working system. The abstract values, all the character qualities make a person human, and brain has a serious distribution between the rational and the emotional brain. In fact, the structure of the soul is not independent of the brain. The pathological dimension of this, that is, the dimension of reflection on the disease, that is, Alzheimer's in genetics and the decrease in volume and the increase in activity are important. The fact that there is a low rate of theta - the MRI also shows the findings - all of this, the neuroimaging methods P300 and N50 wave are very interesting. A person is given an evoked potential, that is, a do-don’t command to the person. Make it a positive, don't do it a negative command. In the negative command, the brain responds after 50 milliseconds, while in the positive command, it responds after 300 milliseconds. Therefore, the brain perceives negative commands 6 times faster. Since it is the brain that gives commands, the question "Is it a holographic brain on the brain that gives the main command?" comes to mind. It can be said that the mind exerts it on the brain.".

"The arrow signs of science point to the monotheism”

Stating that the arrow signs of science point to the existence of one god, Tarhan predicted that science will produce studies that will explain this more in the following years. Tarhan stated that "Beliefs are things that definitely affect a person's behavior, that is, he accepts what he believes as a human stereotype, and reacts by referencing it accordingly. Therefore, it is important that beliefs are sound beliefs. If the person believes in superstitions, they are making wrong decisions, and especially these personal belief scales exist, we call PPQ. They actually make those scales, determine their erroneous beliefs, erroneous stereotypes, negative example repetitions, positive repetitions and obsessions, and try to make compensation accordingly in therapy. This is a very important area for finding answers to human questions about life and existence. The computer is the marriage of mathematics and logic. So, what happens when psychology and mathematics make a marriage? New areas are discovered through the methods of reasoning. I think that marriage of psychology and mathematics and marriage of spirituality and mathematics lead us to the need for an external, monotheistic creator. In this world, an external will is required, external power, external intelligence is required. For this reason, there is a power, a will that creates this world. It is necessary to approach it with the dialectics of exams here. In the dialectics of exams, of course, it is an existence, an ontological subject of discussion, but here you can see it through the definite mind; So, you cannot see it with the head eye. At the moment, the arrows of science say that there must be one god. We can say that science will explain this more in the coming years.".

"Artificial intelligence technologies will eliminate the need for physician's wisdom in the treatment process"

Pointing out that artificial intelligence technologies will eliminate the need for physician's wisdom in the treatment process, Tarhan made remarkable statements about the diagnosis and treatment process of computer technologies. Tarhan said that "With the team we established 4-5 years ago, we plan to do fear treatment with artificial intelligence. We consider the fear of heights, the fear of insects for the study. We use artificial intelligence with VR glasses in the treatment of fear, and it works quite well in fears. There is a field of psychiatry known as preparation medicine. There, a professor of ours on the use of artificial intelligence presented the studies and results on the study of the heart and the human brain that is a thinking and learning organ, and made modeling. We already do many tests digitally, including the attention test, however, it will make the patient express themselves, and especially via the emotional face, it will read thoughts such as fear, sadness, cheer, joy and shame from the facial expression and as a result, it will report the person's mood. These are practices that will take place in the near future, however, it is not possible for AI to replace a therapist or a specialist. Thus, the expert will still make the final decision, but these developments will reduce the need for wisdom. When people get sick, they will not go door to door for their treatment, that computer will come so that it will not exist, so many physicians will be able to easily provide the latest wisdom, many transfers of experience without the need to consult a specialist. I think computer technologies and artificial intelligence will provide this.".

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)