One more step to understand man: "A Study on the Correction of the Ability to Understand" Seminar was held

With the presentation of Üsküdar University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Psychology RA Beril Sercem Şengül, a seminar was held on Spinoza's book " On the Correction of the Understanding ". In the seminar held at the South Campus Socrates Hall, RA Beril Sercem Şengül highlighted issues such as the rejection of body-mind duality, the possibilities and types of knowledge, the relationship between knowledge and happiness-joy, freedom or good life (ethos), the method that leads to correct information and the use of information for social benefit.

"The things that will produce true joy are man's knowledge of nature and themselves"

Stating that the first step in the journey of finding oneself is the effort of the individual to discover and understand themselves, RA Beril Sercem Şengül emphasized the need to be in mutual relations with people. Şengül said that "It is thought that the things that can give a human being joy that is eternal and superior, are emotional pleasures such as eating and drinking, sexuality, addictions, wealth and reputation when one discovers and acquires. The depression that follows cyclical acts reveals grief and insatiability. When we look at the things that will produce real joy, it seems to be to know nature and my own nature and to strive for other people to know it as well. The effort to understand reality is a process that should be carried out with other people, not just what the individual can do. Achieving freedom or the good are things that can only be done with others. To be in a relationship with other things means to produce other things and to be produced by them.”.

The method develops within the research process"

In the light of the knowledge of the famous philosopher Spinoza, RA Beril Sercem Şengül stated that there are four different forms of perception in human beings and emphasized that the real thing should be investigated to know the characteristics of the ability to understand. Şengül said that "The question of how to use this type of knowledge to empower human nature and seek truth is important. When Spinoza searches for an answer to this question, he does not look for a new/second method to find the method. The 'method' is used to investigate the nature of things, to infer the differences, similarities and contrasts between things. The so-called method actually serves to distinguish between what is practically available and what is not. In science or philosophy, if it is a method, it cannot be prior to the subject to be investigated. The method develops within the research process.".

"The inability to understand nature as a whole causes nature to be confused with abstractions"

Şengül stated that thoughts should be determined according to the right idea standard and said "What constitutes the specific character of a correct thought must again be sought in that thought itself and deduced from the nature of its ability to understand. The failure to understand the essential elements of nature as a whole leads to confusing nature with abstractions. This leads to the distortion of the order of nature. If we start from the source and origin of nature, there is no reason for us to be afraid of falling into such a mistake.".

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)