What is psychological warfare? What are the psychological warfare techniques?

Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu’s statement “Psychological warfare is performed against Türkiye” created an impact in the public opinion, which was related to closing İstanbul Consulates in England, Holland and Germany. Well, what is the psychological warfare? What are the psychological warfare techniques?   Tarhan discusses the topic in details in his book “Psychological Warfare” with its 26th edition published by Timaş Publishing.

In the remarks on psychological warfare and its techniques discussed on Cumhuriyet.com.tr, there are references to the book “Psychological Warfare” written by Psychiatrist, author Prof. Nevzat Tarhan. The statement used in the news is as follows;

 “Psychological warfare, which is expressed as the use of information to change people's feelings, thoughts and behaviors in war and peace, came to the agenda with the statements of Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu.”.


Psychological warfare is the technique by which communication tools and other psychological means are used in a declared emergency or war to create psychological pressure on the enemy and to positively influence the attitudes and behavior of enemy groups and other targeted communities in areas under enemy control. Its main function is to support all efforts aimed at weakening the enemy's willingness to continue war or conflict and reducing their capacity to continue the war.


The first known warfare techniques book written in the history is by the Chinese commander Sun Tzu and the majority of his book focuses on the break-down of the enemy psychologically. One of the most important military strategies and tactics is Psychological Warfare techniques and tactics.  Psychological warfare which is performed according to a specific objective with long-term plans and strategies have become one of the fighting methods that has been used the most frequently during both cold and hot war periods.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan defines psychological warfare as follows; psychological warfare is defined as achieving results by impacting people’s psychological state when the war is won or lost, traditionally speaking, during continuity of the superiority or solving the problems after the war.

According to Tarhan, there is for tactics of psychological warfare. There are as follows; strategical, tactical, booster and provocative psychological warfare.

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