Aesthetic morphology and materials were given for the first time in Turkey!

Uskudar University launches the "Aesthetic Morphology and Material" course for the first time in Turkey. Pointing out the importance of the course given at the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Berk Bellaz said that as a university, they are pioneers in this regard. Stating that dentistry is a design, Prof. Dr. Emine Berika Ipekbayrak stated that art has an important place in dentistry education and added: "This training will be useful in establishing relationships and empathy with the patient," she said. Prof. Dr. Ipekbayrak also said, "In free design, we can make the statue of our dreams with the emotions from within and put it in surreal form. But dental design cannot be done this way. There are norms in this area.

Uskudar University Faculty of Dentistry aims to be a pioneer in dentistry education with its training and courses. "Aesthetic Morphology and Material" course started to be given for the first time in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Berk Bellaz: “Learning dental morphology is like making sculptures”

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Berk Bellaz, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Uskudar University, said that they started a first in Turkey and gave the Aesthetic Morphology and Materials course and were very pleased to lead in this regard.

Prof. Dr. Bellaz said: "The curriculum of the course was put forward with the vision of teachers from the past. It would not be right to consider this area as a single course. Because this course is only a small part of the field of art. Dentistry has been given with the same system for many years. The classical concept of education is not enough for today. There are serious shortcomings in the field of following contemporary currents, Visual 3D perception, and spatiality and developing this with motivation. The aim of this course, which will fill a major gap in the field of art, is not to make students take up hobbies. The main goal is to use art in terms of dentistry, to develop the ability to motivate by the perception of three dimensions and spatial dimensions. We plan to carry out the course in cooperation with our sculptor-based teachers who are experts in the field of art. Because learning dental morphology is like making sculpture."


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)