Don't let your obsessions ruin your life

Obsessions are often thoughts that capture a person and restrict one's freedom. There are people whose lives are restricted who cannot leave their house because of their obsession, who cannot leave the bathroom for a day and a half. No matter how absurd it may seem to the person with an obsession, with this parasitic feeling, the person repeats this behavior over and over again.

At one end of obsession are thought disorders that we all experience in everyday life. There is also a pathology dimension. Here the person is now detached from the truth. This starts with little obsessions first. For example, someone looks at him and laughs. ‘Why did he look at me and laugh?’ he says. He falls in doubt; ‘I wonder if there's something going on with me?'. ‘I have an operation on my eye. I think my other eye is small', so he looks into the mirror. After a while, he thinks everyone's looking at him. Thereafter, he starts not to go out. He's reaching the point of paranoia due to his constant obsession.


Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)