What Does Gender Equality Mean? Let's read the core lines of the Istanbul Convention

Üsküdar University Founding President Prof. Dr. Tarhan advised us to read the lines of the Istanbul contract in his article. Here is the article Tarhan wrote;
It is wrong if you understand gender equality as "men and women are biologically equal". Because men and women are equal in terms of laws and opportunities and should be equal. They are not biologically equal, because their genes are different. Psychologically they are not equal, because their expressions of emotion are different.

"Men and women's brains work differently"

The female brain is feminine, its superiority is that it is a hero of compassion, superior to man in terms of empathy, emotional literacy is higher, resistance to fear is less, therefore she makes the motherhood better, protects her child better, her speaking skills are improved, so she raises the child better. Her aesthetic perceptions are superior because we owe social diversity to the female brain. Music, art, painting skills are ahead. She considers the process rather than the result. She expresses her sadness more easily by crying directly. When love is mentioned, she sees romance.

The male brain is masculine, one step ahead of the female brain in terms of logic, reasoning, analysis, and computation. Therefore, it is more attacking and dynamic. Works more focused on results than the process. It is more egocentric prone to work; he takes immediate an advantage. He is prone to express his sadness as anger, predating eroticism when called love.

Masculine and feminine brains mature with the strengthening of the forebrain as age progresses and if people desire it. The two looks work according to complement each other. Feeling and logic are balanced, perception of outcome and process develops, people develop consciousness to be us, they become a good team. They learn the roles of Mother, Father, wife, and business person. Because role-sharing is not biological but later learned. Because of the sense of identity, ethnic, social, cultural, or sexual identities are learned later been taught, not innate, and instinct, it is operative.

Matching is biological, marriage is cultural

Biological gender is inborn, sexual identity is cultural. Competitiveness and complementarity are learned later. If the environment in which the parties grow upturns the relationship between men and women into a competitive relationship, they cannot live together. The relationship between men and women transformed into women's and men's wars. Feminism is correct and beneficial if it is the women's liberation movement, if it is the competition of women, it is the reflection of the competitiveness of the capital system to the family and causes harm to the family. Happy families emerge in cultures that claim that the relationship between men and women is complementary.

Trap concepts and solution of domestic violence

1- The Istanbul Convention did not define the concept of equality between men and women.

2- It cannot be our truth that the Istanbul Convention encourages 'random sexuality' among young people who are still in the natural guardianship of parents, using the concept of women for girls under the age of 18.

3- It supported the ideologies against marriage and marriage by using the word “partner” instead of “spouse”, these cannot be our truth.

4- It reduces the concept of violence to male gender identity. What is violence against gender-based women? Jealousy paranoia severity, pathological love severity, the violence of the 'criminal' person, severity of clinical cases, defining them all as “gender-based violence” or male violence is the historical mistake of the Istanbul Convention. A contract that supports male opposition, cannot provide justice.

5- Laws and methods that required compulsory treatment and rehabilitation should have been suggested, instead of recommendations that take the spouse away from home. In cultures that argue that the relationship between men and women is not about rights and freedom, but about power, family ties and values weaken, violence and divorces increase, children grow up unhappy.

6- The fact that it is not to describe violence separately as physical, sexual, economic, and psychological violence harms domestic relationships as a blurry concept. It is against our values that do not promote the 'family arbitration institution' in terms of 'ombudsman' in solving problems and not presenting this concept in our holy book as an option, contrary to our values. Because 20% of divorcees return. As a result, people who are afraid to get married are on the rise, and more than 50% of western culture is secretly encouraged to have a marriage-free draw and so to have children.

7- It is wrong to propose identity wars to combat violence. Fighting violence does not happen by violently responding to violence, but by increasing expert assistance. People who say family is not holy, individuals are holy, should not get married. Because no one is sacred and unchangeable. Because marriage is teamwork. The doctrine of feminism, which accelerates the conflict of power and personality, is the family's biggest enemy. This doctrine can sometimes appear in pink, sometimes green, that is, it can enter our cultural color and injure us from within.

8- Male and female biologically different genetic structures. Parties have the teaching of culture as social and sexual identity. Those who decide to change our culture should willingly accept the results.

9- When the root cause of domestic violence is investigated; There are factors such as ego wars, lack of problem-solving methods, and addiction. A contract that does not propose any work on this subject, imposes western values that only write the penalty methods on 80% of the contract, does not comply with the new truths. For this reason, the proposal must be written to the general secretariat of the European Parliament for its replacement.

10- Is role sharing disrupted?
If we change our teachings of male and female identity under the name of social identity equality as a global ideology, marriages will dissolve rapidly, people will see marriage as a bond and the world population will stop as the role sharing, that keeps the family together will deteriorate in the coming decades. However, since the family, which is the building block of society and its safe space, i.e. shelter, is disintegrated, the mental health of the society is destined to deteriorate.

11- If violence against women and children is increasing in society and families, is the solution to correcting the relationship between men and women, or increasing competition with a male opposition? It is true that perception of honor increases male persecution, but instead of arguing that honor is equally important for men and women, racial and anti-honest rhetoric, which is a constitutional concept, is to come to the gamble. This contract, which was issued to prevent domestic violence, is criminal law. Education and public information about the perception of honor in this regard remained in the second plan.

12- Incest, pedophilia, gay marriages are social teachings, every culture must be free in its own identity, preventing the right to disapprove is a trick. Homophobia is gender discrimination, true but anti-marital heterophobia is gender discrimination as well, not to see it is insidious philosophy, is being the snake in the grass. We cannot be universal without local, we have to maintain our locality.

13- All kinds of violence must be cursed, instead of struggling with the teachings that suggest violence as a method of seeking rights and problem solving, it is unfair to create a perception of reducing violence to male identity only. Understanding that men can be violent by reading their intent and seeing them as potential criminals, that is, "the understanding that sees the woman's statement sufficient without comment", is unfair. It is against the presumption of innocence that the male declaration is not deemed sufficient in the same way. For these reasons, gender equality is a global ideology, whether or not to accept it is the responsibility of our social policymakers and their iniquity.

Please let us see the outcome of the gender equality cultural psychological war imposed on us by the Istanbul Convention. Let's defend gender justice, not gender equality. For these reasons, the proposal should be written to the Secretariat General of the European Parliament to amend the Istanbul Convention. Article #72 of the contract gives this authority to countries. This proposal should be considered as a method of protecting our society by preserving the benefits of the convention. Our grandchildren will not look after the "US unless we develop policies that care about family integrity, of course, if there a society will remain.

 28th July 2020

Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)