New Media and Journalism program accredited by ILAD

Faculty of communication of Üsküdar University "New Media and Journalism Program" accredited by ILAD for two years

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication New Media and Journalism program was evaluated in 2019 and was awarded the accreditation given by the Communication Research Association (İLAD) as a result of the evaluation made by the Communication Education Evaluation Accreditation Board (İLEDAK). The accreditation decision was made by both the President of İLEDAK Prof. Dr. Halil Nalçaoğlu and İLAD President Prof. Dr. Aysel Aziz, was sent to Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication with their signatures.

Evaluation process completed without any problems

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Head of New Media and Journalism Department Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan explained the stages of the evaluation process in detail to Haber Üsküdar: “As the New Media and Journalism Department, we thought we were ready for the accreditation process, and we made our application to the ILAD, which was authorized by the YÖK Quality Board at the beginning of 2018, to get accredited programs that provide communication training at the beginning of 2018. After acceptance of our pre-application, we embarked on a feverish work as a department and faculty and prepared our self-assessment report. After the self-assessment report was deemed appropriate by the “ILEDAK” Commission, which conducted the evaluation, the “ILEDAK” evaluation team was formed for the field visit.

Prof. Dr. Abdulrezak Altun, co-chairman Dr. Recep Yaşar, program evaluators Prof. Dr. Dilruba Çatalbaş Şıper and Prof. Dr. the “ILEDAK” evaluation team consisting of Prof. Dr. Gülseren Sendur Atabek visited the faculty and conducted interviews and toured the venues between 10th-12th November. On Tuesday afternoon, the last day of the institution's visit, the evaluation team reported its report based on its observations and evaluations to Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zelka who was present at the meeting. According to this report, our new media and Journalism program has been accredited by ILAD for two years.”

"This accreditation certificate is an indication of the importance that Üsküdar Communications attaches to quality education“

Prof. Dr. Suleyman Irvan, the Faculty of Communication at the University of Üsküdar aims for quality education and this is proved by the accreditation document received, Prof. Dr. Suleyman Irvan said, "Unfortunately, YÖK decided to remove the new media and Journalism program and add it to the head of the media and Communication Program. So we had to change our program name to journalism because we also have a media and Communication Program. However, current students in the program will continue to study and receive diplomas in New Media and Journalism. It's their vested interest.”

Prof. Dr. Nazife Güngör: "We give importance to quality studies”

The Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Üsküdar University Prof. Dr. Nazife Güngör stated, that quality studies at Üsküdar University have been continuing intensively for three years and that all departments in the Faculty of Communication have started accreditation studies in this direction. Prof. Güngör said, “The first concrete step in the process of quality and accreditation under the supervision of the Quality Commission established within the Faculty of Communication in 2019, was taken by our Head of the Department of New Media and Journalism Prof. Dr. Süleyman İrvan as a result of the application to ILAD for accreditation and subsequent intense studies, the department successfully exited the process and the program was entitled to accreditation for two years. Other departments of our faculty continue to prepare for accreditation as well. The successful emergence of our New Media and Journalism Department is an example and model builder for our other departments.”

PS: The photos in the news belong before the Coronavirus process. 



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