1 Topic 1 Guest Event Took Place Online!

The 27th session of the "1 Topic 1 guest" event organized by Uskudar University Occupational Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Health application, and Research Center USGUMER was held online. The guest of the program was Uskudar University, Faculty of Medicine, Head of Family Medicine Dept. Member Lect. Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin.

In the 27th online program, Member Lect. Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin made a presentation titled “Responsibilities of Occupational Safety Professionals during the Covid-19 Outbreak, What to Do in Training and Measures”.

“Thanks to effective communication, we got people masks on.”

Member Lect. Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin first gave information about the character, effects, treatment services, preventive health services, and communication studies of the virus with the Covid-19 outbreak.  Ozsahin told, “We put masks onto the society, that we can't stop them smoking, that we can't wear them seat belts, thanks to the effective communication.”

“We need to level the risk”
 Indicating that the first task in Occupational Health and Safety is guidance, Ozsahin said, “We need to guide the employer. While providing this guidance, it is not possible to provide a zero-risk environment for the current epidemic. As long as a business operates in interaction, it is not possible to run the business at zero risk. So we need to aim to minimize the risk. We have to level the risk. Occupational health and safety professionals have to offer more alternative solutions for every risk by saying, that if we do this, the harm will be this way, instead, let's do this, the harm will be this then!”

“The measures to be taken should be based on concrete evidence”

Indicating that the OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) professionals should offer the measures to be taken against the Covid-19 outbreak based on concrete evidence, Member Lect. Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin said, “The most robust document we currently have, is a set of decisions and guidelines submitted by the public authority. A guide was created and published by the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health, right on from the start. As it gained experience, it made fine adjustments, corrected, and updated some bugs. Therefore, the OHS professionals should present the suggestions to the employer by taking the documents published by the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Health and the decisions taken by the civil opinion. Thus, the conflict is reduced to less.”

“Specific approach to people is needed may they can complicate collective movements”

Member Lect. Dr. Ayhan Ozsahin emphasized that the epidemic spread with human beings and that the only solution is healthy human behavior since there are no effective vaccines and drugs. Ozsahin stated, “There are always different groups of people in society. They are a group of conscious, decent employees, and there is no problem to manage them. But in society, there's a small group that doesn't necessarily care, even if it's a little psychopathic. Another important group is more meticulous, more emotional employees. They tend to panic. Therefore, if there are individuals within the study management who can quickly analyze these groups and make collective movements difficult, a special support for them is necessary."

 The online interview ended after the question and answer session.

Üsküdar Haber Ajansı (ÜHA)