Üsküdar University’s visit to England

Üsküdar University’s visit to EnglandThe faculty member of Üsküdar University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology (Eng.) Dr. Asil Özdoğru visited Worcester University in England. Özdoğru who exchanged ideas with the members of Worcester University on joint projects, also met with the students of Üsküdar University. 

The faculty member Dr. Özdoğru, who is also the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator, went to Worchester University in England where they have been student exchange programs for years, in order to observe the British culture and the University within the concept of Erasmus + staff mobility program.

During his one-week visit, Dr. Özdoğru was a guest speaker at different classes and gave a presentation about his studies to Worchester University students and faculty members. Dr. Özdoğru informed them about Üsküdar University’s studies, participated in a research group meeting of the university and held talks in the context of joint projects.

Dr. Özdoğru came together with the students of Üsküdar University Psychology (Eng.) Department Naz Atalay, Sümeyye Nur Külçe, Zeynep Dila Uzun who are studying under the Erasmus program at Worcester University as well as the graduate Halide Zeynep Aydın. He listened to the observations and experiences of the students and shared his recommendations with them.

Üsküdar University holds Turkey’s most Erasmus agreements in Psychology and continues to provide opportunities to all students and staff.

For detailed information, students and staff may apply to Erasmus Coordinators and the Erasmus Office.

Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

03.05.2018 11:24