A first "Faculty Members Group Exhibition" was opened in Üsküdar...

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32739/uha.id.14232

The works of Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication faculty members were opened to visitors with an exhibition. The exhibition, which was held for the first time under the name of "Faculty Members’ Group Exhibition" and aimed to become traditional, carries out important works under the coordination of Assoc. Prof. İpek Fatma Ertan, Asst. Prof. Dicle Yıldırım and Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen. Great interest has been showed to the exhibition from the first day.

Prof. Süleyman İrvan; "Art is part of communication."

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Süleyman İrvan, who opened the "Faculty Members Group Exhibition"and said that "This exhibition is an exhibition of the work of our faculty members. It is more of an exhibition for cohesion. The end of the semester has come. Our teachers brought together the pictures they made and the photographs they took here. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the earthquakes, there has been a break between art and the individual. To compensate a little, we decided to organize this exhibition with the aim to unite. We are also a faculty of communication. Communication is important to us. Art is part of communication.".

The exhibition includes interdisciplinary studies...

Emphasizing the importance of inspiring students regarding exhibition culture, exhibition design and curatorial processes, Asst. Prof. Ezgi Şen said that "I think that the group exhibition of instructors is important regarding bringing together academics who produce in the field of art and design on a common ground and inspiring students about exhibition culture, exhibition design and curatorial processes. The inclusion of interdisciplinary studies in the exhibition makes this process even richer. In particular, the fact that artificial intelligence-based works have started to take their place in exhibitions gives us the signal that we can now see the new generation of art and design practices in exhibitions. In this context, it is possible to say that the exhibition goes beyond the conventional framework and offers new perspectives to the visitors. My wish is that this event, which is organized for the first time and brings together many works from the field of art and design, can be organized every year and become traditional." .

"Faculty Members’ Group Exhibition" met with visitors for the first time.

Talking about the importance of the exhibition, which brings together academicians who make productions in the context of communication, Asst. Prof. Dicle Yıldırım said: "The Faculty of Communication Faculty Member’s Group Exhibition, which met with visitors for the first time, was organized to bring together academicians who make productions in the context of art, design and communication. The techniques of the works in the exhibition include a rich practice such as photography, digital illustration, digital collage, artificial intelligence designs, mixed media, digital designs and modeling."

Reporter: Okan Arslantürk - Zeynep Keçe

Photo: Okan Arslantürk - Zeynep Keçe



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