Prof. Nevzat Tarhan: “Aimlessness drags a person into laziness and monotony”


‘From Existence to Search for Meaning Psychology Talks with President of Üsküdar University Prof. Nevzat Tarhan’ continues, which is organized by the Conscience of the Age Club with the support of Üsküdar University Health, Culture and Sports Department. Pointing out that the biggest danger in front of people at the moment is laziness, Tarhan said that "Laziness prevents people from developing, being assertive and entrepreneur. To do something, one has to mobilize oneself. When there is purpose, the need arises. Aimlessness drags people into laziness and monotony.".

"In order for freedom to be tested, there must also be the possibility of making a mistake"

President of Üsküdar University, Psychiatrist Prof. Nevzat Tarhan evaluated that if the individual is always doing the right thing because he cannot do the wrong thing, it is because the individual is not free. Prof. Tarhan stated that "In order for freedom to be tested, there must be an opportunity to make mistakes. Allah sent a human being to this world and gave us a free will. He wants to test our free will. A person must also have the freedom to make mistakes in order for one to try it. If the fact that an individual is always doing the right thing is due to the fact that they cannot do the wrong thing, this individual is not free. If the fact that a person is constantly doing the right thing is because he cannot do the wrong thing, which the angels are, for example. They are angels because they cannot do what is wrong, but man is born with the potential to do both the wrong thing and the right thing. He chooses one of the two. The fact that he has the freedom to do wrong is something that shows the freedom of the individual. Therefore, the freedom to defy Allah has also given a human being the freedom to object to himself and to do the opposite. What did he give this for? He says ‘This is not contrary to the proposition that omnipotent, omniscient is a mere good being’. ‘It's not whether or not to create something that can do evil’ he says. He creates until he creates to test freedom. He creates to test freedom. Is one using freedom for good or for abuse? If one uses it well, one will get a much better, beautiful place. Freedom does not lead us wrong here, it is something that gives us the right to reveal more of the truth”.

"Whoever can educate their emotions wins"

Tarhan mentioned that people who cannot educate their emotions harm both themselves and those they come into contact with and said that "There are no limits. Greed, insatiability and irresponsibility are the weaker side of a person when they seek more satisfaction and become more demanding. For this reason, excessive desire feeds the opposite, and excessive desire turns into weakness. It causes you to make mistakes. For example, you are waiting at the bus stop. You say that 'Where is the bus? I am waiting here.'. You get bored, you go, and then the bus comes from behind. As you see, in a moment when over-cravings are your weakness, it teaches you wisdom like this, and it is whether or not to train yourself about whether you can control excessive cravings. In all religions, it is almost possible to temper ambitions and ambitions. There is being able to restrain such abusive feelings. There is ability to educate wild emotions. Therefore, the one who can train these feelings wins. Those who cannot train are both self-harming and harming those they come into contact with and failing the test.".

"The biggest danger in front of people right now is laziness"

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan underlined the fact that people need to mobilize themselves to do something and stated "The biggest danger to people right now is laziness. Laziness prevents a person from developing, being assertive and entrepreneur. It is kind of like 'Adam, nothingness.' Nothingness, uncertainty and the unknown are these three issues that put pressure on the human soul. Look, nothingness, Adam, uncertainty and the unknown. These three issues are something that overwhelms the human soul. It is like you are driving in the woods in the dark, and you do not know where, which way and which monster is going to come out. There is uncertainty, there is the unknow, and at the end there is nothing, there is non-existence. There is dying. The life, the world life is a dead life. Death can come at any moment right now. To live as if nothing exists in such a situation is to deceive ourselves. Movement and repentance are the body, change is the body. If there were no calamity, no disease, no trouble, humans would become beings who eat and drink and multiply like other animals. However, that person gets cold and sick, and a cure. All of which make a person evolve. It takes you to perfection. It leads to perfection. If there was no disease, would medicine have advanced so far? To do something, one has to mobilize oneself. Inertia is not activating oneself. In order for a person to activate themselves, they must first have a purpose. When there is purpose, the need arises. Aimlessness drags people into laziness and monotony. It drags them into sitting around. An active person is moving, but it is necessary to tamper for movement. Such an intervention is constantly needed.”.

"Lazy people are bringing society down"

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan mentioned that human beings should work and produce. Tarhan said that "Not being out of your comfort zone is dragging a person down. We are living in a habitat, in an ecosystem whether in the university or in the community we live in. In this ecosystem, those who work are pulling it up, they are taking it forward, and those who are not working are pulling it down. People who do not work for it, lazy people, bring society down. Thus, early retirement is always a waste, and it is not recommended. It is not about the level of development. In other words, one has to work and produce. The more people who work and produce in the society, the more that society survives, produces and does not need anyone else. In other words, we have early retirement, but the person who retires early definitely works in the second job. Therefore, it is not the real retirement that we have. Therefore, laziness here brings people down, hinders progress, prevents development.”.

"Mistakes and the evil are part of perfection"

Emphasizing the necessity of mistakes and evils for the emergence of perfection, Tarhan said that "Mistakes and evils are part of perfection. Mistakes and evils are necessary for perfection to emerge, and without them it cannot develop. That is, talents cannot sprout, they cannot emerge. These hidden abilities are mentioned elsewhere, or you put a handful of seeds in the ground, 10%, 20% sprout, the other 80 will rot. However, it gives 10% sprouts, new wheat from them, new millet. It is a part of the investment that you make more than before because it is called the investment that has a return. Everything has a loss. This law of psychology does not work without loss, there is loss. Here, it is the good and the bad while life continues... Look at animal kingdoms, for example, where the old and lazy fall prey to lions because they are left behind, but the young and diligent ones stay. That’s why, being able to activate oneself when one is moving, in motion, is motivation for a person. There are two types of motivation: one is internal motivation and the other is external motivation. Misfortunes and diseases are external motivations. If a person has internal motivation, that is, if one does good, right and beautiful things spontaneously before a trouble, calamity or illness comes, why should Allah give them a misfortune, that person already has an internal motivation, the person does it spontaneously, so there is no need for warning.".

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