Clinical Research Ethics Committiee - Clinical Research Ethics Committee

About the Board and Applications

Clinical Research Ethics Board evaluates the applications to be made from within and outside the university, the Ministry of Health, the Turkish pharmaceuticals and Medical equipment institution, in accordance with the Regulation on the scientific and ethical principles of clinical research’s point of view.

  • Our Ethics Committee meets every month on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 15:30 in the Altunizade Main Campus.
  • The application files must be submitted to the Ethics Committee Secretariat (Central Campus) at least three days before the meeting.
  • Application files for non-drug research should be provided in a single folder with the name of the researcher in the folder with one CD.
  • Application files for drug research should be given in a single copy, with the name of the researcher, in one of the following colored folders along with one CD, according to the research phase:

Red for Phase I clinical research,

Yellow for Phase II clinical research,

Blue for Phase III clinical research,

Black for Phase IV clinical research,

White for observational studies,

Gray for non-pharmaceutical research.

List of researches on healthy and/or patient volunteers to be evaluated by the Ethics Board of Clinical Research of Uskudar University

  1. Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical drug research
  2. All observational drug studies
  3. Research conducted with new medical devices
  4. Non-pharmaceutical "interventional" clinical research
  1. Research conducted with advanced and non-industrial medicinal products
  2. Research conducted with advanced therapeutic medical products.
  3. Research conducted with traditional herbal medical products
  4. Clinical trials with all other substances and products that may be of interest to humans, including cosmetic raw materials or products
  5. Human stem cell transplant research, Research on organ and tissue transplantation
  6. Gene therapy clinical trials
  7. Surgical research