Sachiko Murata, Ph.D, Prof.

Institute for Sufi Studies

(0216) 400 2222

Short CV

Sachiko Murata was born in 1943. Murata completed her BA in family law at Chiba University in Japan, worked for a year in a law firm in Tokyo, and then went to Iran to study Islamic law. She completed a PhD in Persian literature at Tehran University in 1971, and then transferred to the faculty of theology, where she was the first woman and the first non-Muslim to be enrolled. She finished her MA in Islamic jurisprudence in 1975, and while continuing work on her PhD dissertation in law she became a research associate at the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy. Her work on her second PhD was cut short by the revolution. In 1979, she moved to the US with her husband William C. Chittick. Since 1983 she has taught religious studies at Stony Brook. Since 2012, she has been giving lectures on the fundamental principles of Islamic thought and “Muslim Confucians” at the Kenan Rifai Center for Sufi Studies in Beijing, which was founded by TURKKAD. During this course, she taught a text, which she penned with William Chittick and Tu Weiming, about the great Chinese scholar, Huiru, a member of the Akbarian school.

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