Meftun AKGÜN, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Surgical Nursing

(0216) 400 22 22 5094

Short CV

Asst. Prof. Dr. Meftun Akgün was born in İstanbul in 1967. She graduated from Ahmet Rıfat Canayakın High School, Nursing College of Marmara University (1988) and Florence Nightingale Nursing College of Istanbul University (1992). She’s worked as a nurse and supervisor nurse at Marmara University Hospital surgery services, intensive care unit for 9 years. She’s worked as a research assistant in Nursing College of Marmara University for 11 years and in the Department of Nursing of Marmara University Faculty of Health Science for 5 years, as a lecturer in Marmara Univesity Faculty of Health Science the Department of Nursing for a year. She studied for master (1998) and doctorate (2007) degree in Marmara University Institute of Health Science, Surgical Nursing. She is working as an assistant professor at Uskudar University since 2014.

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