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FHS / Occupational Therapy


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Born in İstanbul. She graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Medicine Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department. She is the founder of the Sensory Academy.

She is fluent in English.

She completed her sensory integration therapy education at the University of Southern California, USA prepared by occupational Therapist - Dr. The founder of Sensory Integration Therapy. A. Jean Ayres and the team. She is the first and only therapist in the Turkey with a USC-WPS Sensory Integration Certificate, a certificate sought to practice sensory integration therapy throughout the world.

In order to support children during child development with all aspects of communicative, behavioral, physical and emotional lacking in different fields; supports in the field of communication and game skills by taking DIR Floorime trainings, Developed by Stanley Greanspan. Meantime, she continues to work on eliminating behavioral and cognitive deficits by taking ABA training from American specialists, which is used to improve behavior and cognitive skills all over the world.

She was trained in Bobath Therapy (Bobath Basic), widely used for children with physical problems, was trained in 2008 by Heidi Steinbeck.

She is one of the consulting specialists in The Down Syndrome Association, Turkey  (http://downturkiye.com/danisman-kadromuz)