Non-Interventional Research Ethics Board - About the Board

The necessary personnel, tools and equipment to fulfill the Secretariat's services are provided by the university rector. Our Ethics committee evaluates scientific and ethical applications from the university or from outside the university. The necessary personnel, tools and equipment are provided by the Rectorate of the university to fulfill the secretarial services of the Board In the ethics board, subjects outside the scope of regulation on clinical research are evaluated.

The Ethics Board for Non-Interventional Investigates on areas including the following: research, cell, or tissue culture with collection material such as questionnaires, interviews, focus group work, adult and fetal studies, retrospective archive scanning, blood, urine, tissue, genetic material and radiological image, or with routine material obtained during examination, (such as research on nursing activities, diet studies with food additives, research on body physiology such as exercise, anthropometric measurement studies, and assessment of lifestyle habits), all of which do not require direct intervention by a human physician. In addition, neurological measurements in which there is no active intervention of the human physician to be used in social science researches are evaluated within the scope of the ethics committee.