Shahram MOHSENİ,

FHS / Occupational Therapy

(0216) 400 22 22 4117

Short CV

He was born in 1966 in Tehran. He graduated from High School of Science in 1984. He graduated from Occupational therapy Department in Persian University of Medical Sciences in 1990, and he started working as a teaching assistant. He had his Master degree in Persian University of Medical Sciences. During his academical studies, he worked at Persian University of Medical Sciences, University of Sciences of Welfare and Rehabilitation and Fatemye University. Moreover, he worked in different research centers. Those centers are Vali-Aser Rehabiltation Center, RA-AD Occupational Rehabilitation Institute and Research Center, Persian Welfare Community (Research Centers of Developmental Disesases in Children).

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Education Status & Academic Titles

Education and Training Activities

  • Mezuniyet Projesi, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Klinik Eğitim IV, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Mesleki Rehabilitasyon, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Klinik Eğitim II, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Ergoterapide Ölçme ve Değerlendirme Teknikleri, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Ergoterapide Duyu Bütünleme, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Bahar)
  • Odyologlar İçin Duyu Bütünleme Terapisi, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)
  • Klinik Eğitim III, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)
  • Nörolojik Bozukluklarda Ergoterapi, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)
  • Klinik Eğitim I, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)
  • Yardımcı Cihaz (Ortez-Protez) Uygulamaları, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)
  • Pediatride Ergoterapi, (Undergraduate Degree / 2021-2022 Güz)

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