Özgür VARAN,



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Short CV

In 1998, she graduated from the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Mimar Sinan University. In 2004, she graduated from Vienna University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Sociology and Psychology, Philosophy and Political Science. She completed her master's degree in the Department of Sociology of Culture and Religion and Daily Life at the University of Vienna.

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Education Status & Academic Titles

Academic Activities > Book - Book Chapter

  1. Mutluluk Bilimi, 2022.

Education and Training Activities

  1. Topluma Hizmet Uygulamaları, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Bahar)
  2. Sosyal Hizmette Rapor Yazma İlke ve Teknikleri, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Bahar)
  3. Tıbbi ve Psikiyatrik Sosyal Hizmet, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Güz)