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Short CV

After graduating from Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Cartoon / Animation, Özgül Öztürk graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Radio Television and Cinema master's program in 2020. Öztürk, who took part in various projects such as "Doru", "Ahtopi", "Kelilie and Dimne" between 2010-2017, has competence in areas such as Cartoon Techniques, Animation Pattern, Cartoon Basic Design, 3D Modeling, and Experimental Animation.

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Education Status & Academic Titles

Education and Training Activities

  1. Deneysel Animasyon, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Güz)
  2. Deneysel Animasyon, (Undergraduate Degree / 2022-2023 Güz)