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Short CV

Murat Otoglu received his B.S. and M.A. degrees in psychology from the City College of New York (CCNY). After the B.S. degree, he volunteered in New York Methodist Hospital to work in a sleep apnea intervention study. In this study he learned how to diagnose sleep apnea patients, and how to collect behavioral data. Afterwards, he worked for three years at CCNY, cognitive attention laboratory in various different studies including his own thesis. His laboratory experiences include but not limited to: behavioral and neurophysiological (EEG) data collection, behavioral data measurement and assessment, IBM-SPSS software use for data analysis. his master thesis was completed at the cognitive attention laboratory. He also worked as an instructor for psychology classes at New York City.

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Education Status & Academic Titles

Academic Activities > Congress - Conference Participation

  • İtfaiyecilik Mesleğinde Psikososyal Risk Etkenleri ve İtfaiyecilere Psikososyal Destek Eğitimi, 2018.

Administrative Activities

  • Komisyon Üyesi / Member of Commission, Fakülte Dijital Eğitim Komisyonu, (2022 - Devam ediyor.)
  • Koordinatör / Coordinator, Erasmus Bölüm Koordinatörlüğü, (2020 - Devam ediyor.)
  • Komisyon Üyesi / Member of Commission, Uluslararası Öğrenciler Akademik Komisyonu, (2020 - Devam ediyor.)

Education and Training Activities

  • Forensic Psychology, (Undergraduate Degree / 2019-2020 Güz)
  • Measurement and Assessment in Psychology, (Undergraduate Degree / 2019-2020 Güz)
  • Psychotherapeutic Approaches, (Undergraduate Degree / 2019-2020 Güz)
  • Social Psychology, (Undergraduate Degree / 2019-2020 Güz)
  • Selective Topics in Forensic Psychology, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Introduction to Psychoanalysis, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Social Psychology II, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Research Methods, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Adli Psikolojide Seçme Konular, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Adli Psikolojide Seçme Konular, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Mesleki İngilizce, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Mesleki İngilizce, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Psikolojiye Giriş II, (Undergraduate Degree / 2018-2019 Bahar)
  • Kişilik Kuramları ve Nöropazarlama, (Master / 2018-2019 Bahar)

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