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Short CV

Prof. Dr. Halil KOYUNCU was born in İslahiye, Yayla in 1955. He graduated from Gaziantep İslahiye Pınarbaşı Primary School in 1967, from İslahiye Secondary School in 1970 and from Antakya High School in 1973. He became a doctor from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 1979.  He carried out his military service and various duties in different cities between 1979 – 1982. He completed his medical specialty in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine in 1986. He continued his service for 30 years between 1089-2019 at the same professorship chair in the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine and he retired in 2019. He is working as council member in the Forensic Medicine Institute since 2016 He still continues actively to be academician and doctor. He became associate professor in 1991 and professor in 2000. He performed duties of chairpersonship, institute directorship and deaconship. He carried out many national and international research in his academic life. He presented many academic oral statements and research posters in various meetings and congresses.  He carried out education activities for students of the Faculty of Medicine in various institutions and organizations.  He wrote scientific books and sections in books. His studies were awarded. He served in projects in social areas. He obtained patents with various studies. He is the father of two children as one daughter and one son. He published a poetry titled “Cimilin Gülü”, two books titled “Bir Hekimin Kırk Bir Yılı” and “1.2..3…TIP”.

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