FHSS / History / Lecturer (Part Time)


(0216) 400 2222

Short CV

Fatma Aladağ received her undergraduate degree from Istanbul Şehir University, Department of History, and her MA in the History program of the same university with thesis titled "Cities and Administrative Divisions of the Ottoman Empire in the Early 16th Century: A Case Study for the Application of Digital History to Ottoman Studies". She studied as an assistant at Freie Universität Berlin and Oxford University. She worked as a research assistant and coordinator in many digital humanities and cultural heritage projects within the scope of digital mapping, digitization, web and database design. She studies on encoding Ottoman Turkish manuscripts with TEI and TRANSKRIBUS that is Artificial Intelligence-powered text recognition, and transcription technology. Her research interest centered on digital humanities, urban history, digital history, and Ottoman cities. Her Ph.D. thesis focuses on spatial analysis of 19th-century Istanbul within the scope of digital urban history at Universität Leipzig. She is the founder and coordinator of the Digital Ottoman Studies Platform. She is the manager of the Digitalization Project of the Center for Islamic Studies (İSAM).

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