Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation


(0216) 400 22 22

Short CV

Asistant Professor Fadime Yeşiltaş was born in Malatya Date 12.07.1965. The cause of his father's tenure with Sarıkamış district of Kars Malatya and attended elementary school, the middle school and high school education was completed in the Balıkesir. She is taking hometown of medical education in Samsun May 19 University and graduated in 1988. Compulsory service in Diyarbakır Chest Diseases Hospital conducted between 1989-1991. She speed ​​after working 2 years in the emergency department of the University, where she graduated May 19 returned to his hometown again for specialist training Anesthesiology U. She completed his residency on. After operating expertise responsible medicine, intensive care unit in charge of tertiary medicine, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia expertise as well as medical duties; such as quality management director and deputy chief found in a variety of administrative tasks.
She is married and has two children with Ass. Professor Dr. Fadime Yeşiltaş, a time in Istanbul came to their children's education after working in the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital retired in 2012. Üsküdar University and began his academic career in SMYO Assistant Professor title. Currently, work is ongoing at the university.

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