Claire Smith,

FHS / Occupational Therapy / Guest Lecturer / Advisor of Department

(0216) 400 2222

Short CV

Claire Smith graduated from Sedgefield Community College in England in 1991 as an ergotherapist. After graduation she worked in adult mental health centers in north east England. In 1999, she completed her master's degree in Durham University, England. Areas of employment; Adult mental health, refugee mental health, psychological trauma and cultural competence. She has worked with refugees until recently in Alliance Psychological Services. In her doctoral dissertation she searched for the meaning of activity in those who wanted to get a residence permit in the UK. She is currently teaching at Ergotherapy Department at Teeside University. She will act as a consultant in all events and as a guest lecturer in Üsküdar University Seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. about ergotherapy department during certain periods of the year.

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