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06 Sept 2019

The need for Cyber Security experts will increase

Information technologies used in all areas of life bring security problems along. Cyber security experts, who play an important role in overcoming security problems, are critical in ensuring information security. Üsküdar University Cyber Security Master’s Program aims to train well-equipped experts in this field.The Cyber Security Graduate Program, which was opened within the Institute of Sciences at Üsküdar University, has started accepting students.Üsküdar University Institute for Sciences, Head of Cyber Security Master’s Program Prof. İsmail Avcıbaş stated broad information about the program and experts in the field of cyber security will become an important asset for institutions, companies and states.Avcıbaş said; “İndividuals, institutions, organizations and societies that use these technologies are at risk given the use of information technologies as a target and a tool by criminals, Malicious people who infiltrate computer systems cause great damage to corporations and companies. Experts in the field of cyber security have become an important requirement for both institutions and commercial companies as well as governments.”Prof. İsmail Avcıbaş noted that the Department of Cyber Security Master's Program in English and in Turkish are aimed to train the cyber security experts who gained the ability to follow the developments in the field simultaneously with the world given their theoretical and technological knowledge and equipment related to the field. Prof. Avcıbaş noted that graduates of undergraduate programs that accept students of Equal Weighted and Numerical Weighted points in the university exam can apply to the program.Scientific preparation program is applied when necessaryIf necessary, the Scientific Preparation Program will be implemented within the scope of the Cyber Security Graduate Program. In the Scientific Preparatory Program, there are courses such as Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Algorithm and Programming, Operating Systems, and Data Structures that prepare the students for their field courses.After the scientific preparation, elective courses including “Cyber Systems and Information Security”, “Introduction to Cryptography”, “Network Security”, “Application Security” as well as “Cyber Attack Techniques”, “Malware Analysis and Detection”, “Crypto Money Technologies”, “Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security” are given.There are three elective courses in the Master's Program with Thesis and six elective courses in the Master's Program without Thesis.Graduates of the Master's Program in Cyber Security have the opportunity to work in a wide range of fields. Graduates of Üsküdar University Cyber Security Graduate Program will be able to work in public and private sectors such as information security specialist, secure software specialist, information security analyst, network security specialist, penetration testing specialist, vulnerability analyst, malware analyst, information security manager. Graduates who wish to pursue a career as a researcher or academician in cyber security will be able to continue their doctoral studies in cyber security, computer engineering or other related fields.Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

26 Feb 2019

PlumX and Altmetrics applications used for the first time by Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University is the first university in Turkey to apply PlumX and Altmetrics, which determine how much interaction has been achieved and how many people have access to academic articles published in the Internet, especially in social media. It is aimed for academic studies to reach everyone. Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel stated that all the articles in the magazines published by Üsküdar University have been included in the PlumX and Altmetrics system for about three months.Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department Head of Software Engineering and Department of Computer Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel explained that Üsküdar University is the only university in Turkey to use PlumX and Altmetrics system.How often do academic articles reach the society?Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel provided further information that PlumX and Altmetrics are appreciation indicators of the academic articles published online and are prepared by taking into consideration the interaction criteria such as the rate of mention in the news or the number of social media sharing. Ergüzel pointed out that the system enables meaningful analysis of academic data and analysis by comparison.Üsküdar University broke new groundAssoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel said that all the articles in the journals published by Üsküdar University were included in these two systems with the works of PlumX and Altmetrics for the last three months. He gave the following information about the system:“These two metrics can be considered as two different companies. We benefit from the both of them. Both of them can be found in This is how it works; for example, an academic content is televised. We only share this publication in academic media, but it is also shared in social media in order to produce social impact. We share the simplified format of this publication with a summary text in data should reach the society and peopleWe believe that it is crucial for scientific studies to influence society. We generated because we are concerned about whether an academic study influences an individual and how people can benefit from these scientific articles. We provide the full article in English. These web contents enable the following; an individual can go to and reach to any academic article. The summary can also be read. When this summary is shared through Twitter and Facebook, it indicates that the related posts reach to so many people. There is also a pie chart graph that signifies the outcome of this post. What is it good for? It is used to measure how many people have reached to our academic work. These web metrics will be considered a standard.”Information should not only be on the shelfAssoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel stated that the application should become widespread and he continued “This is only used by Üsküdar University. It has just started to become a standard in is a new channel. There is no other example. There is also no other example of this on social media. Both of these platforms are equally precious”.Assoc. Prof. Türker Tekin Ergüzel asserted that academic articles and studies are meaningful to society. He continued:“It is not enough if science is only reachable in the scientific and academic platforms. It is also important that academic studies influence people and society. Why should we look at such results only with an academic perspective? The closure of the distance between the society and scientists or science, will generate a vision to the individual. This is a method and people learn by method. They learn the method and gain experience in analyzing such a scientific view.”Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)

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