Chemical Engineering (Thesis) Master's Degree - Application and Fees

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2022-2023 Fall Semester online applications are on Monday, 06.06.2022.

Application Deadline: 22.08.2022

Evaluation Result Announcement Date: 26.08.2022

 ALES Score Type : NUMERIC

In the master's program within the Graduate School, 40% of the lessons will be given by distance education; 20% will be done face to face; 40% of the remaining 40% will be in the form of distance education, and 60% will be face-to-face.

Who Can Apply for Chemical Engineering Master of Science Program?

Students who have graduated from departments such as chemical engineering, chemistry, material engineering, food engineering, bioengineering mechanical engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, molecular biology and genetics, pharmacy, biology, mathematics, physics, engineering sciences of the relevant universities can apply to the program. The language of instruction of the Chemical Engineering Master Program with Thesis is English. Candidates who provide the conditions determined by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences make their applications within the application period specified in the academic calendar. Candidates whose applications are accepted by the Institute are required to take the science exam on the announced days. Candidates who are successful in the science exam and provide the registration requirements for the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences programs are registered within the quota.


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