Institute Of Science - Uskudar University SWOT Analysis and Improvement


The diversity of the programs at our institute and the increase in the number of student applications along with it, -Thanks to the educational quality and spatial location of our university and institute, it has become one of the prestigious universities of Istanbul and its prestige is increasing, To ensure the effective use of academic and technical manpower in national resources, with the application requests of international students at the graduate level and the graduate programs in English to be opened.


The increasing number and quota of other foundation universities, -The reluctance of the trained manpower regarding the academic development process and continuity, -Turkey's economic problems, -Not being pro-active in the accreditation process and not starting the process with the right timing.


Realization of applications by contributing to the publication production processes of students in all graduate programs within the Institute, -Providing project and article writing courses, -Increasing the number of lecturers by improving the course load of lecturers in order to increase the quality of education, -Controlling the planning and practices to increase the competencies and research performances of the instructors, -To ensure more participation of foreign students in the process.

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