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Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The aim of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Department Thesis and Non-Thesis Master's Degree Program is to have the theoretical and technological requirements, software, and hardware related to the field, to follow the developments in the field simultaneously with the whole world, and to gain the ability to follow the theoretical and technological developments in the field of information systems, to have the knowledge, to be equipped to evaluate and design information systems, to have infrastructure and knowledge about robotics and autonomous systems, to have knowledge of object-oriented software languages, can develop on smart systems, knows cloud computing systems, is knowledgeable about optimization techniques, trains researchers who have developed analytical, critical problem-solving skills, and who are focused on application by absorbing the pleasure of learning.

The job fields in which Artificial Intelligence Engineering graduates work are quite wide. These; especially the defense industry, health institutions or organizations, state banks, and private banks, various ministries, and their affiliated units, retail sector, transportation sector, aviation sector and their ground services, maritime sector, oil and natural gas exploration and drilling studies, robotic smart resources in the industry, ionizing radiation inspection systems, pipeline transport and intelligent systems, other transport and logistics sectors; universities, the entire education sector, press organizations, multimedia, computer games, and web site development organizations. In short, there are job opportunities in every field in the public and private sectors, and the interest and need for artificial intelligence engineering are increasing rapidly. With our country and government policies, which have developed with great success in our defense industry, the need for trained personnel in this field is quite high, and it is thought that the big gap in this subject will be closed to some extent.


In today's world, where technology and the information age are experienced and digitalization makes its importance felt in the pandemic process, there is a great need for high artificial intelligence engineers. The vision of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master's Program is basically to provide the necessary knowledge to individuals who will do research in the technological sense, to train qualified field personnel in our country and abroad, as well as to contribute to the training of high artificial intelligence engineers who can lead the studies to be done.

For this purpose, a wide range of curricula has been built up so that students in the master's program can acquire both the basic information and the information about the field they want by choosing the compulsory courses that they must take to learn the basic information and the elective courses that are suitable for the field they want to study.

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