Computer Engineering (English) Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The mission of the Computer Engineering graduate program; - Having theoretical and technological requirements and equipment related to the field, following the developments in the field simultaneously with the world and gained the ability, having theoretical knowledge about different techniques for the development of information systems, equipped to evaluate and design information systems, analytical, critical and to train expert engineers and researchers with advanced problem-solving skills, economically, socially and ethically conscious, - Providing the necessary knowledge to the individuals who will conduct research in the technological sense, contributing to the training of qualified computer engineers who can lead the studies to be carried out in addition to meeting the needs of qualified academic staff in our country and abroad, - To provide an environment for students to conduct research and solve real-world problems, to contribute to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and practices.


The fact that information and technology is a part of our lives today and interdisciplinary studies gaining importance all over the world have caused the importance of studies in the field of computer engineering to increase rapidly. Advances in software development methodologies, hardware technologies, artificial intelligence technologies accelerate the developments in the field of computer engineering. Therefore, high computer engineers are needed today when the age of technology and information is experienced. The Computer Engineering Graduate Program aims to provide the maximum benefit from modern computer sciences by encouraging the faculty and students' innovative research understanding in solving a wide range of complex technological, medical and social problems and in different disciplines application areas. Computer Engineering Master's program graduates have a broader knowledge of basic subjects such as algorithms, computer networks, and elective courses in subjects they want to specialize in. These; health institutions or organizations, defense industry, state banks and private banks, various ministries and affiliated units, retail industry, transportation sector, aviation industry, universities, especially education sector, press organizations, multimedia, computer games and website developers organizations are. By working in these contemporary and still developing fields, our graduates will be ready to solve the exciting engineering problems of the future and follow the latest developments in the rapidly changing field of computer science.

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