Engineering Management (Thesis) Master's Degree - Application and Fees



In the master's program within the Graduate School, 40% of the lessons will be given by distance education; 20% will be done face to face; 40% of the remaining 40% will be in the form of distance education, and 60% will be face-to-face.

Master of Science in Engineering Management (with Thesis):

Dear prospective students,

Due to the new regulation sent by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) to all higher education institutions, 15 students will be accepted to our master's programs with thesis in the Fall semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year *. There will be a general exam for the students who will be accepted to the Master's Programs. Exam results will be announced after evaluation. 15% of the students will be given 100% scholarship.

2020-2021 Academic Year, Fall Semester online applications will start on 01/09/2020.

 Who Can Apply to the Program?

In order to apply for this program, candidates must have an engineering bachelor's degree. The equivalence of the undergraduate diplomas obtained from abroad should be approved by the Turkish Higher Education Council.

What are the Admission Requirements?

Candidates applying to the graduate program must have obtained at least 55 points from the Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES). Candidates who get at least a score equivalent to the ALES exam in the internationally accepted "Graduate Record Examination" (GRE) exam, which is deemed equivalent to the ALES exam by the Interuniversity Board, are also evaluated. In accepting students to graduate programs; An evaluation is made with ALES score, undergraduate GPA and entrance exam grades. For admission to the graduate program, the candidates are ranked from high to low with the recommendation of the academic board of the department and the decision of the institute board by using the grade weights stated below, and the quota is filled according to the ranking.

English proficiency certificate is required for English master's programs. Prospective students can take the TOEFL IBT, YDS, e-YDS or the English Proficiency Exam organized by Üsküdar University at certain times of the year.

Science Exam Date:

01.10.2020 at 14:00 A Blok Kanlıca Hall

08.10. 2020 at 14:00 A Blok Kanlıca Hall

Exam location: Central Campus A Block, 3rd Floor. 334 Kanlıca Hall.

Address: T.C. Uskudar University

Haluk Türksoy Sok. Altunizade Mah. Haluk Türksoy Sok. No: 14

ZIP: 34662 Üsküdar / Istanbul / TURKEY

Evaluation for Admission to the Master's Program with Thesis:

55% of ALES score,

20% of the undergraduate graduation average in the 100-point system

25% of the science exam score

The students who are eligible to be placed in the program will be announced.

Main and reserve student lists for the program will be announced simultaneously, candidates who have gained the right to register will be given a registration period of 3 working days and then registration will start from the reserve list.

The applications of the candidates who do not apply online, who are not graduated at the time of application, or who do not upload their ALES document and credentials to the application system will be considered invalid.

Documents Required During Final Registration:


Original or certified copy of undergraduate diploma

Original or certified copy of the undergraduate transcript

• ALES Result Certificate obtained in the last 3 years with 55 points and above in any type of score (for programs with thesis)

• TOEFL IBT, YDS, e-YDS or Equivalent Document.

• Photocopy of Identity Card

• Photograph (2 Pieces)

Online Application Link:


Total Number of Credits and the Courses Required for Master's Degree:

The master's program consists of at least 8 courses with a total of not less than 24 credits, 1 zero-credit seminar course and thesis work. Seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful. Master's programs with thesis consist of at least 8 courses, excluding the seminar course, and a total of at least 120 ECTS credits, provided that it is not less than 60 ECTS credits for one academic semester. The student has to register for thesis work each semester starting from the semester following the appointment of an advisor at the latest. At most two of the courses to be taken by the student can be selected from undergraduate courses provided that they have not been taken during undergraduate education. The program is planned as four compulsory and four elective graduate courses. Elective courses can be determined according to the specialization that the student will prefer.

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