Biotechnology Master's Degree - Mission and Vision


The mission of Üsküdar University Graduate School of Sciences, Department of Biotechnology is contribute to the training of qualified academicians in the field of biotechnology and develop interdisciplinary research on the axis of biotechnology. Biotechnology is acknowledged as a multidisciplinary field that requires researchers to work in both science and industry fluently to ensure the development of new technologies and products, based on natural science applications. Üsküdar University's Biotechnology Master's program offers students with fundamental undergraduate education in related fields such as Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Bioengineering given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to enable the development and commercialization of new products in biotechnology.


 Üsküdar University Graduate School of Sciences, Department of Biotechnology’s vision is to actualize a program that trains qualified researchers in national and international field and contributes to the development of science and biotechnology. The vision of Biotechnology Master’s program is to train leading researchers and better-qualified biotechnology specialists in biotechnology to answer the industrial needs.

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