Graduate School Of Science - Uskudar University Mission and Vision


The mission of the School is to develop the postgraduates as individuals who are able to perceive the developments in science and technology, specialized in their profession, as open to national and international competitions, can use the information they have acquired in academic life, practice and other fields. For this aim, the school is responsible;

to create a dynamic graduate program to increase the number of high standardized students from domestic and foreign sources,

to promote interdisciplinary research activities by attaching importance to basic and applied researches and

to encourage researches that will help solve the problems of applying by developing coordination between university and industry and other sectors.

Additionally, it is obliged to create a suitable environment by taking the precautions for lifting the obstacles could be present or to be.


Vision of our graduate school is to be a respected institution preferred by students who believe that they will improve their quality for their profession. The students are trained in an outstanding place in the field of education which they receive the support from qualified experts through the training programs. In order to train them, ultimate methods based on research are applied continuously in up to date training programs at the postgraduate level which in the right precautions about the today’s and prospective demands. By giving importance to university-industry-institution-organization cooperation in scientific research activities; the school prepares an environment for the development and dissemination of national and international innovations.

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