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Graduate School Of Science - Uskudar University Manager Message

Manager's Message

T.R. Uskudar University Graduate School of Science has been operating since 2013 intending to support the use of the most advanced techniques and equipment, the follow-up of the latest literature and cooperation with the international academic and scientific circles, team awareness, scientific research, contribution to international scientific literature and graduate education in the important and innovative fields of science, biotechnology, and engineering. In this respect; always aim to include all candidates who want to have dynamic, innovative, self-achieving qualifications all over the world.

A scientist who tries to reach deep into science without giving up; is the person who uses the knowledge he reaches as a light in his path before doing new research, and who is not content with it but always focuses on generating value looking for more. Knowledge is the cornerstone of science and gains an international quality in this context with increasing technology today. To increase the prosperity of our country and humanity, it is necessary to keep up with today's developing technology. Scientific activities are now accelerating all over the world and it is becoming difficult to keep and control information. Thanks the training given in our graduate-school, can be provided by raising qualified and valuable human resources that will carry our country forward.

FBE Business Administration, Bioengineering Turkish and English Master Program, Molecular Biology Turkish and English Master's Program, Biotechnology Master's Program, Electrical and Electronics Engineering English English Master's Program, Computer Engineering Turkish and Turkish Department of Master Program , Cyber Security Turkish and English Department Master Program , Artificial Intelligence Engineering Turkish Master Program , Bioinformatics Turkish Master Program , Chemical Engineering Turkish and English Department Master There are Master's Programs within the scope of the Program Program and Engineering Management in Turkish and English (Industrial Engineering Department).

In our graduate programs, our faculty members and academicians who are experts in their studies transfer the most up-to-date theoretical and practical information to our students.

The purpose of our programs; is to train experts who will progress on the academic career ladder, work in Turkey and the World's leading institutions, develop their careers in their institutions(s) and provide students with expertise equivalent to the world's well-known master's programs. In this regard, it is also aimed to open a joint program with some universities abroad.

In addition, by giving our students theses focused on industrial cooperation, our country can bring the technology it needs to the stage where it can do it with domestic production. Thanks to such a thesis, we also have targets to meet the requirements of the industry and to start our students within the scope of this industry.

We welcome our undergraduate student candidates who want to make a career and aim to improve themselves in this sense to our Graduate School.

With Respect and Love,

Professor. Mesut KARAHAN
Director of the Graduate School

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