Institute Of Science - Uskudar University Manager Message

T.C. Üsküdar University Institute of Science, has been operating since 2013. Our institute aims to educate scholars who will have a career in the academic world and people with the necessary skills and abilities according to the changing circumstances of the world. In this respect; it aims to integrate all candidates who are always dynamic, innovative, and who want to be successful in all parts of the world, into the education and training process.

Our institute still has a graduate program in the field of Molecular Biology, and the legal process of proposals for the departments of our faculties, both in the department and in the unified branches of the department, is ongoing.

In our graduate programs, academicians are experts in our faculty, and they transfer the most current theoretical and practical information to our students.

The purpose of our programs, which are open and intended to be opened; To advance in academic career steps, to train specialists who can work in the leading institutions of Turkey and the world, to develop their careers, and to educate students with the world's renowned masters programs with great value and to provide expertise. It is also aimed at opening a joint program with some universities abroad.

We are waiting for our undergraduate graduate student candidates who want to pursue a career and aim to develop themselves in this sense.

With my love and respect,

Doç.Dr. Mesut KARAHAN

Director of the Institute

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